Meditation: The Role of Love in Collective Change

by | 13 Dec, 2021

How can we make practical use of our spirituality in a way that can uplift the world around us?

In this talk Shakti Durga explains the role that love plays in sacred activism and the ability to bring about positive change in the areas of life we care deeply about.

In the meditation, Shakti Durga guides you through a process where you can let go of and transform judgment and other blocks to love. This enables you to vision a better world for everyone. This is a recording you can download and repeat as many times as you like.

If you are passionate about human rights, the environment or any other issues Shakti Durga is running a new seminar in January 2022, called Sacred Activism where we will be exploring the fundamentals of how as lightworkers we can use our spirituality to affect positive change in the world.

If you are passionate about the environment Shakti Durga ran a Sacred Activism for Earth Lovers class on Facebook in 2020, you can access those classes here 

Track 01: The Role of Love in Collective Change  (Teaching)

Track 02: The Role of Love in Collective Change (Introduction)
Track 03: The Role of Love in Collective Change (Meditation)




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