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Podcast: Blobs of Consciousness

Having Thoughts that are not Ours The astral field is like an ocean that we are swimming in and our thoughts are like...

Podcast: What is the Holy Grail?

A Quest to find Yourself We are on a quest to find our higher nature, where the bliss, love and peace is experienced....

Podcast: Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation is a Belief, and more people in the world than not believe there is more going on after we die. Imagine...

Podcast: The Soul Realm

The Essence of the Soul Our souls are vast geometries of light and sound. That have distinct sound and geometric...

Podcast: Higher Consciousness

How YOU relate to the Divine People on spiritual paths all over the world have so many different ways that they relate...

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Cultivating Internal Power for Abundance

Cultivating Internal Power for Abundance

Internal & External Power For me, there are two kinds of power. One is internal power, which I’d call feminine or Yin and the other one is external power, which I’d call Masculine or Yang....

Three Pathways To Abundance

Three Pathways To Abundance

Cultivate wealth, success and abundance There are three ways to cultivate wealth, success and abundance in life. The first way is hard work and effort: The slog! Earlier in my life, the only way I...

The 11 Principles Of Sacred Activism

The 11 Principles Of Sacred Activism

What is Sacred Activism? When I teach Sacred Activism classes for Earth Lovers these are the 11 principles we work with: 1) Clean Water, Clean Air and Clean Soil are our objectives. We hold a vision...

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Shakti Durga was a guest presenter in a stellar line up of international thought leaders, sharing her insights into energy medicine and how it can assist our well being and vitality, along with tools for empowerment and self healing.

Shakti Durga was a guest presenter alongside several world class healers and thought leaders from around the world, including best-selling author Jude Currivan, to provide us with tools and techniques to tune into our soul and align with our purpose.