Relationship Healing

Imbue your relationships with greater intimacy, inspiration, understanding and love. Become empowered through the healing arts to help others find hope, peace, harmony and joy in relationships of all kinds.

This relationship healing training is like no other. It is a true journey of heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Voyage deep into the wonder of real trust, vibrancy and connection. Learn to effect miraculous change within families, for couples, and in work relationships, with ease and grace. It will take you beyond where you have ever been in relationships before.

Starts April 18th, 6pm (Sydney time)

*To apply, you must have completed the Certificate of Energy Healing Foundation, or meet the published learning outcomes for that course.(LINK HERE)

Details: Online Certificate

Duration: 10 weeks

Start Date: Tue April 18, 2023

Sessions: 10 x 3 hr sessions

Classes: Tuesdays 6pm and Thursdays 9am

 *Click to view in your timezone

In 10 weeks you will…



Learn the Emotional, Energetic and Soul-Based techniques to uplift and transform relationships – both yours and those of your clients.



In a way that uplifts and enlivens your relationships. Furthermore, learn relationship healing and counselling skills to help others bring harmony and understanding into their relationships.



Release stale energy from past conflict and misunderstanding, including from past lives. Learn how your soul’s other incarnations and relationships are affecting this one.



To relate well to your client and support them on their journey into self empowerment. Assist your client to embrace their authenticity, whilst cultivating rich connection with others. Help them to gracefully handle differences, have healthy boundaries and better communication skills.



Work with the shadow to see relationships as healing opportunities. Grow in self-compassion and self-love: the cornerstones of grace-filled relationships.


Learn to provide EMOTIONAL SHIFT

Assist clients in the management of their emotions. Empower them with self-governance through self-love, meeting their own needs and healing codependency.

Here are just some of the standout favourites from this unit:


Learn unique techniques to revolutionise relationship management.


Grow, evolve and shift outdated relationship patterns.


Practise techniques to rapidly detoxify and revitalise relationships to bring peace and empathy.


Gain therapeutic insight into the energetic profile of relationships, and how to balance and heal them. Develop your intuition and empathy.


Learn advanced communication and healing skills.


Explore a powerful technique to refresh relationships particularly after we speak or behave in an unskilful way.

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core unit

You will be confident in the use of transformational tools to help yourself and your clients to have the best relationships of their life. You will be empowered to heal past wounds and set the dynamics in place for better relationships and a more peaceful world.


Help clients move from conflict to compassion. Empower them to have more loving, compassionate and wholesome relationships and to maintain the energy of intimacy and peace.

Explore the Curriculum:

Lesson Plan

Class 1

The Multidimensional Relationship and Basic Relationship Healing

Class 2

Counselling Skills: Mountains and Molehills

Class 3

Healing the Relationship Cycle and Vibration

Class 4

Emotional Management, Energy Healing and Self-Compassion

Class 5

Identifying Needs and Resolving Codependency, Advanced Counselling Skills

Class 6

Conflict Management and Energy Healing

Class 7

Karma, Skills Practice, Forgiveness and Past Lives

Class 8

Ethical Boundaries, Compassion,  and Further Counselling Skills

Class 9

Relationships and Shadow, Dynamics in Energy Healing

Class 10

Bringing it Together: Maintaining High Vibration Through Education


Requirements for Certification

  • Pass a short, multiple choice exam
  • Log 5 healing sessions for a client around relationship healing
  • Daily meditation practice using tools provided to embed learning and help develop one’s own connection and energy field
  • Complete 5 healings on relationships in your life. These will be done in your own time
  • Participate in all 10 sessions (if you can’t join live, ensure catch-up via recordings)


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Have questions?  Want to talk to someone about financial assistance?  Email us here.

Upon graduating, you’ll receive a Certificate of Relationship Healing.

To become a fully certified and accredited IYS Therapist, you’ll need to complete the full IYS certification program HERE. Then you will also receive accreditation as an Ignite Your Spirit Healer.

All graduates will also get 20% off of their first year of membership with IICT.

Meet the Teachers

This certificate will be run by Shakti Durga and Gayatri. They are both remarkable healers, with a combined 48 years of experience. Both have achieved miracles of healing and changed the lives of countless people throughout the world with their compassion and skill.

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Founder of Ignite Your Spirit healing, author, sacred musician and World Renowned Spiritual Teacher

Shakti Durga is an insightful, powerful and compassionate healer, able to perceive the core essence of blockages and imbalances, and to guide her clients to the resolution of suffering and pain. She helps her clients to transform through their issues into more of their full potential.

Shakti Durga is the founder of The Shanti Group (which includes The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga, The Consciousness Connection and The WellBeing Initiative, a registered Australian charity).

Shakti Durga has authored 5 books and many spiritual music and mantra CD’s. She has done tens of thousands of hours of meditation, received training by spiritual masters, given thousands of healings and, with her team, trained thousands of healers. Shakti Durga is a catalyst for spiritual growth, kundalini activation and awakening. She helps people connect with the bliss and love of their higher soul, Divine beings and states of grace.



Senior Teacher and Master Healer

Savitur brings his big heart and radiant soul to share his wisdom and to take us deeper into all aspects of relationships. Whether it’s the relationship with your inner self, or with your beloved or any form of relating, Savitur’s insights and compassion will bring avenues of light and progress.


Class Times:

Relationship Healing will be offered over 10 weeks. Online classes will be held at two times every week to suit different timezones. 

The first timezone option will run on Tuesday evenings for 3 hours from 6.00pm. They will commence from April 18th 2023.  

The second timezone option will run on Thursday mornings for 3 hours from 9.00am. 

All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you can rewatch at your leisure.  More details will be sent to students upon sign up.

Start Date:  April 18 or 20 (depending on timezone), 2023

Class Times: Tuesday 6.00pm (Sydney) or Thursday 9am (Sydney) (Click to convert timezone)

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