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Shakti Durga offers a wide range of free downloadable teachings from Shanti Mission retreats and seminars.
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Shakti Durga on Insight Timer
You can also access some of Shakti Durga’s meditations on the Insight Timer App.

Peace in the USA Healing Meditations

3 clearing meditations offered by Shakti Durga to help clear fear and low vibrations in the aftermath of the USA election 2016.

These tracks are also available as a free download in Shakti Durga’s online shop. You are invited to make a donation via the Shanti Mission website if you find the mediations of benefit.

9 Names of Durga - Initiates Retreat 2016

Recorded live at Initiates Retreat, July 2016.

Amma’s Jayanti Sadhana

25 November 2015 to 3 January 2016


Recorded at Southern Highlands Satsang, 20 Sept 2015.


Recorded at Sydney Satsang, 29 March 2015.


During the Navaratri Retreat Shakti Durga gained more insight into the importance of Puja (Sacred Ceremonies). These recordings explain the benefits of such a practice and through the healing meditation blockages to maintaining a spiritual practice are removed.

Initiates Retreat 2014

The theme of the Initiates retreat in 2014 was ‘Bliss in Everyday Life’ and this theme is evident in the teachings that occurred throughout the week.

Shakti Durga explains the concept puja which is a from of worship of the Divine. Shakti Durga then looks at how certain events can be the turning point along our spiritual path, the stages and obstacles that accompany this development and how to navigate your way through this.

Shakti Durga discusses the need for balance and training as we progress as spiritual aspirants.

This track relates directly to the previous discourse ‘the Nature of Spiritual Training’. The Tree of Life is further discussed and analyzed to enable a better understanding of this ancient spiritual teaching.

Shakti Durga explains the use of mantra as a spiritual practice and in particular ‘The 33 Names of Durga’.

Shakti Durga discusses the difference between knowledge and realization and how they relate to bliss.

Shakti Durga discusses various aspects that we encounter along the mystical path. Topics such as the need to slow down and integrate, paradigm shock, how to keep on the path during tricky times, the need for a regular practice and the Tree of Life are all covered with honesty and openness.

Shakti Durga gives the retreat participants advice on how to keep their vibration high once they return home at the end of the retreat.

Shakti Durga describes and discusses why Shanti Mission was set up and what it is trying to achieve.

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