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How It Works


Build a thriving heart-centred business as an Energy Healer, while continuing to develop spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Discover your inner gifts of intuitive awareness, healing power and spiritual connection.  Be empowered to serve those who want to get to the root cause of health, family, relationship and life issues, and to transform their experience.

Join this marvellous journey of a lifetime and be rewarded with the opportunity to serve and to make a living out of that service. Complete the full certification to become a fully accredited Ignite Your Spirit Healer and live a fulfilling career that will transform the way you see yourself and your potential.  Or enhance and complement your skills as a healer, by completing the individual certificates.

Thank you for hearing the call

Transcend Boundaries, Heal the World

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapy involves all that our soul was or will be, as well as transcending boundaries of time and space. You’ll develop a mystical consciousness and connection that will ensure that you keep growing, evolving, learning, developing, so you can offer the fruit of that development to your clients. Journey with us from self interest to collective wellbeing where you will find that you can offer healing not only to people, but also to plants, animals, to the departed, who are stuck between worlds and to the land, where any atrocity has been committed.

Open As a Sacred Channel

Starting first with your energy field, you will learn to open to healing energies and to experience inner illumination that will transform your own being and bring forth the healing energies for the benefit of your clients. So much is waiting for your discovery! There is no more exciting journey than becoming a sacred channel through which the Divine can pour its luminosity more with each passing day.

Get Acquainted with the Inner Plane

As you come on this journey, we will introduce you to Angels, Gods and inner plane beings who exude love and bliss. You will have opportunities to learn how to develop relationships with these beings, and to grow in love. Your own ‘spiritual flavour’ will evolve and deepen. On this journey, we tend to have the humble realisation that no matter how much wisdom and healing power we acquire, there are always beings more potent than ourselves. With this awareness, you’ll learn to flow, to question, to be discerning and to be safe in your interactions with all kinds of beings.

Who is this right for?

We are calling to those who feel compelled to be healers. We are also calling to those who already are healers, but who want to take their skills to mastery level. Here’s how to bring all of those desires and skills together in a life-changing career and have a positive impact on this world.

  • Do you have a strong desire to help others as a healer, but lack some confidence in your skills?
  • Perhaps you have felt a calling to be a healer or a lightworker, but you feel there is a gap in your knowledge-base to be able to do the work required?
  • Maybe you’re tired of feeling burnt-out & unfulfilled in your current career and are looking to do something fun, inspiring, and heart-centred – something that truly makes an impact and allows you to use your gifts for good.
  • Perhaps you are a lightworker, out in the world making change as we speak, BUT you feel you need additional support and a boost of shakti to take your healing abilities to the next level?
  • Or maybe you feel ready to take the leap and step fully into your purpose as a lightworker so you can create a life filled with ease, abundance and joy – but you’re confused about where to begin, or what to focus on.


If this is you, you are in the right place.

Liberate the true healer and creator within.  Through inner illumination and developing a mystical consciousness and connection, you’ll release blockages, unlocking limitless abundance and intuitive guidance.  Then comes the best part, empower others to do the same!

Liberate the true healer and creator within.  Through inner illumination and developing a mystical consciousness and connection, you’ll release blockages, unlocking limitless abundance and intuitive guidance.  Then comes the best part, empower others to do the same!

Here is What’s Possible For You as an IYS Healer:

Transform Shakti Durga

Live A Fulfilling Lifestyle That Lights Up Your Soul

If you found your way to this page, it’s because your soul led you here and you’ve probably felt a calling to live as a lightworker in some capacity.  Whether this is just for your own family and friends, or to help the community in your own practice, this program will allow you to live that lifestyle.


Build Confidence & Ability As A Healer

Learn the key components of being an energy healer, backed by the support of Master Healers and a community who you can grow with and lean on for practise case studies (and have fun and make valuable friendships along the way!)


Transform Shakti Durga

Experience Powerful Spiritual Progression

Learn what it takes to integrate ancient wisdom and the Shakti (power or energy) that enables you to become a powerful healer.  As you elevate your consciousness, the inner plane can open to you in a way that will allow your skills to progress to a mastery level.

Illuminate Shakti Durga

Create a Meaningful Career that Gives Back to the World

Acquire the skill set, soul-set, and mindset strategies you need to be a thriving, empowered healer so you can live your soul calling to be of service. With our curriculum providing the knowledge and wisdom, and your own unique interests, passions and abilities, you’ll learn to heal in the flavour that is truly yours.


Fully Ignite Your Innate Healing Ability & Amplify Your Gifts with Self Care

Receive all the tools you need to develop deeply supportive self-care practices and rituals that protect and support your journey as a healer, allowing you to create success and abundance with ease by embracing your natural gifts and traits as a healer.

Become a Certified Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healer

What is Ignite Your Spirit Therapy?

The purpose of Ignite Your Spirit therapy is to provide a modality which safely empowers both healer and client to explore the many dimensions of health, wellbeing, fabulous relationships and being in the flow, from a spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental and physical perspective.

Ignite Your Spirit is a deep form of energy healing that draws from Shamanism and faith healing traditions, embodying the feminine healing arts. The objective is to free clients from attachments to the past, and from people, negative or draining energies, from negative places, times or events (from this and other lives). To call their spirit back into the ‘now’ and to expand their consciousness. Along the way, IYS will ignite the spirit, providing a pathway for spiritual growth, self transformation and awakening as well as healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Your Role as an IYS Therapist?

Your role as a therapist is to accompany your clients on a journey into their own interior landscape, to face the fears that inevitably exist internally and help them find their own holy grail.

Ignite Your Spirit is about fulfilment as a human being, finding our highest destiny, overcoming our personal doubts and insecurities, and finally knowing ourselves to be Divine beings here for a purpose, the fulfilment of which brings joy and contentment.

We, as Ignite Your Spirit therapists, are here to help people find satisfying practices and tools, to evolve as people.


Choose the pathway that’s right for you…


Accredited Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healer

In the full certification, we will dive into the foundations of what it takes to be a world-class, thriving Ignite Your Spirit Therapist.

You’ll complete:

  • 5 core units (10 weeks each)
  • Plus, choose from 8 electives (completing a minimum of 15 weeks)

By the end of this program, you will fully embody what it means to be a powerful healer for others, be able to build your successful career and help your family, friends and community.  You will be a fully accredited IYS healer.


Individual Certification

As an alternative to the full certification, you can choose to supplement your current career as a healer by studying individual certificates that appeal to you. OR you can choose to take your time working through the certificates, towards completing the core competencies to achieve full accreditation as an IYS Healer.

Certificates in Pathway 2 include the full offering of Core Units and also all Electives.  Certificates are  10 weeks in length (5 weeks for elective certificates).

NoteThis pathway can still lead to full accreditation as an Ignite Your Spirit Healer IF you complete all of the graduation requirements for IYS healing, see below.

To Graduate, Here’s What’s Required…


Each Core Unit is 10 weeks, offering a weekly, live, 3-hour class online.  These units are:

  • Energy Healing Foundation*
  • Relationship Healing
  • Physical Body and Colour 1
  • Physical Body and colour 2
  • Healing Ethics & Empowerments


  • Electives – total 15 weeks minimum
  • 4 case studies, 1 is self
  • 80 total clinical hours

*Energy Healing Foundation is prerequisite learning for the apprenticeship and all certificates.


Choose a minimum of 15 weeks total for the certification (or complete as individual certificates).

  • Astrology & Healing (5 weeks)
  • Tarot & Healing (5 weeks)
  • Kabbalah & Healing  (5 weeks)
  • Babies Pre-Post Natal  (5 weeks)
  • Healing Animals (5 weeks)
  • Crystals (5 weeks)
  • Entities  (5 weeks)
  • Healing a Business (5 weeks)

Explore the Curriculum:

Core Units

Energy Healing Foundation

*This unit is compulsory prior learning for all other units.

Learn safe and proven energy healing methods. Find gifts and talents you didn’t know you had, and a range of skills you can use personally and professionally for life.

In 10 weeks, you will:

  • LEARN ENERGY ANATOMY – Understand basic principles on how the energy anatomy plays a vital role in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, including chakras, meridians and aura.
  • PERFORM HEALINGS – Learn how to perform powerful healings on self and others, on a range of conditions, including pain relief, stress relief, and clearing the energy body as well as releasing limiting beliefs and somatic pain.
  • UPGRADE YOUR PROTECTION – Learn techniques to protect your own and your client’s energy field from outside energetic interference, covering essential tools such as basic psychic self defence, Pranayama (breathwork), and the art of invocation.
  • INCREASE YOUR PERCEPTION – Activate your inner connection so you more easily perceive what is needed by your client, being aware of your own energy system, use of mantra, learn to scan energy and be more intuitively aware.
  • DELVE INTO PAST LIVES– Learn about past lives, how chakras are carried through each life and how karma can impact the efficacy of the healing process, simple steps to help someone move through and manage their karma.
  • UNDERSTAND THE ETHICS OF HEALING –  Law of Free Will, harmlessness and a helpful Code of conduct and Healing Ethics

Highlights include:

  • Techniques to protect yourself from external energetic interference so you stand strong in your authenticity without influence.
  • Activate your inner connection to more easily perceive what is needed by your client and care for your own energy system
  • Explore your own energy field, learning the principles of the energy anatomy
  • Experience incredible healing demonstrations by master healers

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Foundation Unit

You will have built a strong foundation as a healer and have the knowledge it takes to begin your journey as a healer. You will be able to perform a healing, and be on your way to creating transformational experiences for yourself, your family and your clients.

Relationship Healing

This relationship healing training is like no other. It is a true journey of heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Voyage deep into the wonder of real trust, vibrancy and connection. Learn to effect miraculous change within families, for couples, and in work relationships, with ease and grace. It will take you beyond where you have ever been in relationships before.

In 10 weeks, you will:

  • HEAL – Learn the Emotional, Energetic and Soul-Based techniques to uplift and transform relationships – both yours and those of your clients.
  • AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS – In a way that uplifts and enlivens your relationships. Furthermore, learn relationship healing and counselling skills to help others bring harmony and understanding into their relationships.
  • HEAL RELATIONAL WOUNDS FROM PAST LIVES – Release stale energy from past conflict and misunderstanding, including from past lives. Learn how your soul’s other incarnations and relationships are affecting this one.
  • PRACTISE COUNSELLING SKILLS – To relate well to your client and support them on their journey into self empowerment. Assist your client to embrace their authenticity, whilst cultivating rich connection with others. Help them to gracefully handle differences, have healthy boundaries and better communication skills.
  • GRACE-FILLED RELATIONSHIPS – Work with the shadow to see relationships as healing opportunities. Grow in self-compassion and self-love: the cornerstones of grace-filled relationships.
  • LEARN TO PROVIDE EMOTIONAL SHIFT – Assist clients in the management of their emotions. Empower them with self-governance through self-love, meeting their own needs and healing codependency.

Highlights include:

  1. Unique techniques to revolutionise relationship management
  2. Grow, evolve and shift outdated relationship patterns.
  3. Practise techniques to rapidly detoxify and revitalise relationships to bring peace and empathy
  4. Gain therapeutic insight into the energetic profile of relationships, and how to balance and heal them. Develop your intuition and empathy.
  5. Learn advanced communication and healing skills.
  6. Explore a powerful technique to refresh relationships particularly after we speak or behave in an unskilful way.

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Unit

You will be confident in the use of transformational tools to help yourself and your clients to have the best relationships of their life. You will be empowered to heal past wounds and set the dynamics in place for better relationships and a more peaceful world.

Physical Body and Colour 1

*This unit is compulsory prior learning for Physical body healing 2

Supporting the journey of wellbeing for our clients is an amazing privilege. Although Western medicine provides incredible diagnostic and acute care, for most people the combination of Western allopathic and energy medicine will bring forth the richest healing journey.  The best outcomes and an inner transformation that sets one free to create new patterns of awareness and health for the future.

Open your awareness to various healing frequencies including colour prana, and the energy of herbs, oils and medications that, in emergencies, can be given as specific energetic remedies to assist the physical body to heal.

In 10 weeks, you will:

  • UNDERSTAND BODY BASICS – We’ll get to know some basic anatomy and physiology, including the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems.
  • LEARN – Where the major and minor chakras and core meridians fit with the physical body, and how to cleanse them to effect deep healing and wellbeing.
  • PAIN AND HEALING  – Learn specific techniques to minimise or eliminate physical pain for you and your clients, and the ‘dose’ or frequency of treatment required to maintain progress.
  • SUPPORT GOOD HEALTH – Learn how to use energy healing to support the optimal health of the body systems studied, understanding the nexus between the physical dimension of energy healing outcomes and the fruit of the V diagram for deeper healing.
  • ALTERNATIVE ENERGY FREQUENCIES – Experience not just one but many rays of healing light all of which have different effects upon the body mind and spirit. Learn to use them with precision to effect sometimes miraculous healing outcomes

Highlights include:

  1. An extensive repertoire of methods to assist those with chronic or acute health conditions
  2. Detailed awareness of the uses of many colour frequencies of energy to assist with healing
  3. Be able to assist clients with pain relief quickly and safely
  4. Be empowered to assist those who suffer acute health issues
  5. Be empowered in emergencies to give energetic first aid
  6. Help those who are going through allopathic medical treatments including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  7. Be empowered to help your own loved ones with physical and medical challenges
  8. Instead of saying “I wish there was something I could do” you will know “There is plenty I can do…”

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Unit

You will be able to apply your learning to effect a wide range of physical healing outcomes. You will be able to work in with other health professionals to ensure that your client has the best result possible in the resolution of their particular health event. You will also have a comprehensive set of resources from which you can refresh your mind should you be in doubt as to how to specifically use energy for physical body healing.

Physical Body and Colour 2

*Must have completed Physical Body Healing and Colour 1


Continuing on what we covered in the first Physical Body unit, we will move on to look at a range of chronic conditions, as well as energetic first aid, pre and post surgical care, and how to help with the other pandemic, anxiety and depression.

In 10 weeks, you will…

Be able to work with your clients to optimise and maintain long term health goals by working in different ways that are specific to the issues with which they present. You will continue to grow personally and experience master healers demonstrating remarkable healings.

Highlights include:

  1. TREATING COVID 19 PATIENTS – Help your clients through the acute phase by understanding the energetic component of the condition, lessen and in some cases eliminate symptoms of long covid.
  2. GET TO KNOW THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – Learn more about immunity and the energy field and how to treat patients with autoimmune conditions.
  3. RELEIVING ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION  Learn specific techniques to minimise or eliminate anxiety and depression for you and your clients.
  4. CANCER SUPPORT – Learn the best way to support clients with cancer energetically as well as how to help clients undergoing surgery.

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Unit

You will be confident in addressing physical body problems and challenges both for your own life, for family and clients. You will have a toolbox of highly effective methods to bring relief of suffering and hope, alleviating pain and distress, and helping clients to access a whole new way of being.

Healing Ethics & Empowerments

This program is designed to assist healers to open to the Universal healing currents that can bring powerful transformation to them and their clients. Learn to connect to inner plane healers and angelic beings, receive activations and practise meditations and mantras that strengthen connection and the flow of our own inner Divine essence, Maha Kundalini.

In 10 weeks, you will…

  • Discover greater connection and awareness of inner plane team
  • Learn eight proven spiritual pillars for balanced growth in self and clients
  • Work with other health professionals in a confident way
  • Integrate learning into the healing journey
  • Access peer support in your growing healing practice
  • Gain deeper insight and more healing power

Here are just some of the favourites from this unit:

  • Connect with your inner plane team
  • Develop as a healer through energy transmissions and increased Shakti
  • Support clients going through deep emotional release
  • Understand more about Kundalini, consciousness and healing power

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week certificate…

You will be more empowered in your work, knowing and trusting that you are part of an integrated and sacred team. You will have a wider range of skills as well as more activated kundalini, which will result in greater awareness, connection and flow as a healer. You will have a greater capacity to support your clients on their healing journey.



Astrology & Healing

Discover the ancient, sacred, archetypal power of the planets. 

Learn about the various planetary energies and how they impact your clients, their healing journey and their soul’s purpose. 

Practise respectfully working with this planetary consciousness for specific healing, both clearing blockages and activating your client’s energy body and soul potential. 

Tarot & Healing

Tarot is a powerful language to tap into a client’s unconscious, revealing patterns of thought, belief and emotion that may be holding them back from progressing on their path. It is also a way to connect with soul guidance and to reveal ways in which a client can re-align themselves with the opportunities their soul is presenting them with in life.

Combining tarot with healing is very powerful as it allows the healer to immediately address any issues arising in the tarot reading, and to assist the client to harmonise with their soul’s calling. 

Kabbalah & Healing

Learn about this profound and elegant system for understanding creation and our place in the mystical basis of Judaism. The Kabbalah, is a timeless multi-dimensional road map of wisdom.

You will be introduced to Jehovah and His four worlds. Students look at the tree of life, Jacob’s ladder, the symbology of the Star of David, and what it means to ascend and descend the The Pillars of the Tree of Life. 

By the end of the 5 weeks…

Through these teachings, you will learn a beautiful, elegant, ancient system for self analysis, self development and a comprehensive method of bringing the grace and beauty of the mystical approach into everyday life and within energy healing.

Healing Animals

Learn how to use energy healing to help pets and animals, how to connect with animals to effectively perform healings, both in person and at a distance.

By the end of the 5 weeks…

You will confidently be able to connect at a deeper level with animals and a greater understanding of how to use energy healing to assist them in their healing process.

Healing Babies & Pre-Post Natal

Gain a deeper understanding of fertility, preparation for parenting, pregnancy, including growth and development of the baby and supporting the mother with the changes, aches and pains of the body and adjusting to change. This will also include supporting women and families with miscarriage, abortion and dealing with grief. There is so much we can do with energy healing to support this part of life.

We will look at the magical nature of birth and how to support a mother and the family through the birthing process and throughout the post natal period. We will look at early childhood and will touch on breastfeeding, bottle feeding and supporting parents with their choices.

Healing with Crystals

Expand your crystal knowledge and understanding and go deeper into the intricacies and complexities of crystals and the power they have to heal.

By the end of the 5 weeks…

You will have greater understanding of crystals and their healing powers.  Using  our intuition, the healing energies of the earth and the crystal kingdom we can use this knowledge to heal ourselves, humanity and the planet.

Entities & Healing

The unseen world is a vast landscape of many beings and this course takes us through the many different forms of life that is beyond the physical realm and how to interact with them and utilise these skills for healing.

We will give you an introduction to what you might find on the inner landscapes, and how to open to inner experiences in a safe and contemplative way with the many forms of the unseen world for yourself and your client.

By the end of the 5 weeks..

You will have a deeper understanding of the inner landscapes and be more confident with interacting and discerning with other beings of all dimensions. You will also be able to utilise the skills of spell breaking and life contracts to assist you and your clients with healing.

Healing A Business

We will give you an introduction to understanding how energy can also impact a business.  As its own entity, we learn how to scan chakras and clear any blockages that may impede its authenticity or ability to manifest success.

By the end of the 5 weeks…

You will be able to heal a business, working on your own and your clients,  to open the flow to creativity and ultimately, success.  Unleash the full potential of your business.

Energy Healing Training Tree 1080x1080

Class Times:

Online classes are held Tue evenings for 3 hours from 6pm (Sydney) and Thur morning class at 9am repeating the information from the evening class. These are offer to suit various time zones around the world.

All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you can re-watch at your leisure. More details will be sent to students upon sign up.


What’s Included in Your Full IYS Certification?

Live Real-Time Classes

Learning face to face online in real time not only makes your learning more personalised, but it means you can ask questions and benefit from the Shakti or energy that flows through the teachings.

3 x IYS Healings

To aid you in healing as you move through the full IYS program, and to help you learn, you’ll receive 3 x Ignite Your Spirit healings with our team of healers throughout the Certification.

Discounts & Retreat

As a student, you’ll receive discounts on various products in the Shakti Durga Shop so you can access the resources plus you’ll receive a special invite to the IYS ONLY RETREAT.  (Stay tuned!)

Meditation Library

You’ll get access to a suite of meditations to practise wherever, whenever you like.  Including Om your Body, Om your Chakras & Self Healing Guided Practices and many more.

Online Dashboard

Find all your content in one place from the comfort of your home, including lesson outlines, printable class notes, session links and more.

Downloadable Books

Get access to digital books authored by Shakti Durga including: Ignite Your Spirit, Yoga of the Mind, Empowering Relationships and Spiritual Mastery.

Group Work

Get to know likeminded peers as you work together to put into practise the tools you learn, solidifying the teachings and growing your community.

Exclusive Forum

Our private FB group and Signal group, for IYS students only, will help you to have questions answered quickly, so you can learn, and stay up to date.

  • If you’ve been waiting to step into the full power of your healing gifts…
  • If you have been second-guessing your natural born-talents because you have been confused on how to best channel them…
  • If you can feel deep in your soul you are ready to finally live your true calling as a healer and embody your purpose of helping others…
  • If you’re tired of waiting to finally step into your purpose and know that now is the time (even if you don’t feel totally ready!)…
  • If you feel inspired by other lightworkers and energy healers in the world and know that you should be on this path too…
  • If you’re ready to step out of lack and into true abundance, that you know you’re worthy and capable of…

This Certification is for you!



Pay Per Certificate

Pay as you go, per certificate. Complete all requirements towards a full IYS accreditation, or just complete those of interest to help you grow as a healer.


  • Full IYS Certification
  • IYS Only Retreat





Per Certificate

Have questions?  Want to talk to someone about applying for fund assistance?  Email us here.

Diploma Certificate IYS Energy Healing - SD

Internationally Approved Training Provider

We are an approved training provider with the IICT.  Upon graduating, you’ll receive either a certificate for each stand alone individual unit or elective that you complete successfully, OR for the full certification you will receive a certificate plus accreditation as an Ignite Your Spirit Healer where you’ll be able call yourself an IYS Therapist.

All graduates will also get 20% off of their first year of membership with IICT.

Have further questions about becoming a Certified IYS Healer?

Speak to one of our team now

Meet your Teachers

Our team brings a wealth of healing capacity and all have a minimum 15 years of healing skills. Every one of your trainers has achieved miracles of healing and changed the lives of countless people with their compassion and skill.

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Founder, World Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Author

Founder of The Shanti Group – The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga, The Consciousness Connection and The WellBeing Initiative; a registered Australian charity with the vision of helping to lift human consciousness and promoting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical flourishing.

Shakti Durga has authored 5 books and countless spiritual music and mantra CD’s and helps others to heal and become inspired. She assists them to experience non-duality, through which their lives begin to abound with miracles of grace.

Ganesha Ma

Ganesha Ma

Senior Teacher and Master Healer

Ganesha Ma creates a space to meet souls where they are at thus helping them shine their light and find their purpose

Whilst she lives, applies and teaches the ancient arts of healing it’s in her profound ability to travel through lifetimes  and heal pastlife trauma that is her passion for those seeking transformation and freedom.



Senior Teacher and Master Healer

Gayatri is the current director of The Consciousness Connection. With a lifelong background of spiritual practice and a Masters in Positive Psychology, Gayatri’s passion is bridging the scientific and spiritual worlds with research so that more people have access to the inspiration, strength and wholeness spiritual tools can provide. 

Gayatri is a committee member of the Transpersonal Psychology section of the British Psychological Society and guest lectures on Consciousness at Leeds Beckett University, where she is completing her PhD.

Bhadra Kali

Bhadra Kali

Senior Teacher and Master Healer

Bhadra Kali is committed to the journey of living a life anchored in truth and compassion. She brings her experience as a registered nurse specialising in Child & Family Health to support families, particularly young families, from prior to conception through to growth, development, happiness and harmony in the home. She is also passionate about devotion, love in action, and brings this to her work in the world.



Teacher & IYS Energy Healer

Sada has degrees in Psychology and Exercise Science and an extensive background in helping people find happiness and health through self compassion and self awareness.

She helps people identify unconscious patterns of energy, thought and behavior and helps people let go of what doesn’t serve them.

She is passionate about helping people bring more love, joy, good health and freedom into their lives.

Sada specialises in healing the physical body and in helping people understand and connect with their body and emotions to bring more balance and good health on all levels.


Jyotishakti & Vidya

Jyotishakti & Vidya

Teacher & IYS Energy Healers

Gifted healers, sacred musicians and devoted spiritual teachers, Jyotishakti and Vidya use their love of spirituality & music to show others a gateway of opening the heart.

Vidya grew up in the rich spiritual & musical culture of Brazil, with early influences from his mother being a psychic channel & healer.

Jyotishakti has studied closely with Shakti Durga for over 15 years and has a strong foundation and knowledge of her work.

They have released 3 albums together & travelled internationally offering music, healing & personal development seminars.



IYS Energy Healer & Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

Himavan has a natural and innate connection with the Earth and the crystals that come from it to heal and transform.
As an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist for over 15 years and a Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, he leans on his deep connection to the crystal kingdom to use crystals and crystal bowls to assist people to heal and find their true authentic


How is this certification different from other Energy Healing courses?

The Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing Certification is a total of 195 hours of live training in front of Master Healers so you can experience powerful spiritual progression.

With this certification, it’s not just information pre-recorded.  You will learn what it takes to integrate ancient wisdom supported by the Shakti (power or energy) that enables you to become a powerful healer. As you elevate your consciousness, the inner plane can open to you in a way that will allow your skills to progress to a level of mastery.

I want to be a certified IYS Healer, what units do I have to take?

You can follow the Certification pathway to become an accredited IYS Healer or you can work your way through the pathway of completing individual certicates in your own time, to eventually make up the total requirements.


  • Energy Healing Foundation
  • Relationship Healing
  • Physical Body and Colour 1
  • Physical Body and colour 2
  • Healing Ethics & Empowerment
  • Plus electives – total 15 weeks min.
  • 4 case studies, 1 is self
  • 80 total clinical hours
    Can I register even if I am not based in Australia?

    Yes, you can register from anywhere in the world.  As long as you have a device to join the zoom classes that take place either in the morning or evening, so you can choose which is right for your time zone.  We welcome everyone who has the calling to learn with us.

    I want to complete individual certificates, can I still work as a healer?

    You can certainly work as a healer.  To be an accredited IYS Energy Healer however, you would need to complete all the necessary requirements that are listed under Requirements.

    How do I register for the complete IYS Certification?

    Simply choose the best pathway and pricing package for you, and you will be taken to the application and payment form to complete your details.

    I am already a healer with my own business, what pathway is best for me?

    You can choose the path that best appeals to you.  Both the full certification and the individual certificates offer great wisdom and will help build confidence for healers.  In addition, the Shakti (power or energy) of live online sessions with Master Healers can take your healing to the next level.  

    Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

    All sessions are live online, in real time with Master Healers.  These sessions will be recorded and made available to you on your students dashboard so you can re-watch to your hearts delight!

    What if I can't attend a scheduled class time?

    We have made two sessions, a morning and evening option, of each class so that you should be able to find a time that suits you.  If you still can’t make a class, we ask that you watch the recording and speak with your teacher.

    Do I need any prerequisites to apply for the Certification?

    No, you are welcome to join us if you feel the program resonates with you.

    If you have no prior training or knowledge of energy healing, and you wish to choose individual certificates, you will need to complete Energy Healing Foundations Unit 1 to be able to continue to other certificates.