Mystery School

Shakti Durga’s Mystery School is spiritual activation and training for committed seekers of self realisation with a modern approach, guided by a living Guru.

Mystics of any tradition receive higher teachings and shaktipat and work with Divine beings and inner plane beings in a safe way.

This pathway is for students who are dedicated to a path of devotion and service to the world, with membership ‘application only.’

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“The purpose of Self Realisation is the attainment of love and the empowerment to help and serve others.”

– Shakti Durga

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Like minded community Shakti Durga

Join a loving, multi-faith community of committed spiritual seekers on a genuine pathway of spiritual empowerment and Divine grace.

Guidance Shakti Durga

Receive guidance on the inner and outer plane by a living Guru, so you Awaken with all the joys whilst being supported through the practical frustrations.

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Get to know the elements of other realms, exploring the wondrous trippy mystical experiences along the way.

Who can join?

We welcome people from all different faiths irrespective of race, gender, sexual preference or politics.  You can come for a month, a year, or a lifetime.

Nothing binds you to be with us, but while you are here, we have certain guidelines, boundaries and structures like any genuine mystery school.

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Expression of Interest

If you are interested in registering your interest in the Mystery School, please fill out the form below and we will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

What they’ve got to say…

Light in the Darkness

“The relationship with one’s spiritual teacher is one of the most sacred. I am so blessed to have this experience with Shakti Durga in this life time (and beyond). Having a “spiritual coach” to navigate living through a dark age in my opinion is imperative. I value and honour it daily.  The Mystery School intensives, like Guru Purnima are a great culmination event to celebrate it, one that I look forward to each year..”

Daya Parvati, USA 

Finding the Gold Within

“Shakti Durga taught with grace and beauty, her vast love and wisdom helped us to weave the light and dark of our own lives and find the gold within ourselves.”

– S. North, Connecticut, USA

Instant Oasis

“Shakti Durga is a brilliant, hilarious teacher who boils down infinite cosmic mysteries to clear, easy to grasp practical teachings. Her love, genius and hilarity are as rare as lightening in a bottle. She is God’s gift to spiritual seekers who have been lost in the desert without water or a map. Instant Oasis!”

– S. Filan, Connecticut, USA