Meditation: Journey to the Centre of the Sun

by | 14 Dec, 2021

In this Neo Shamanic meditation

Shakti Durga takes you to the centre of the Sun, where you will experience the presence of angels, a singing discourse and purification, upgrade and blessing of your light body.  In this meditation, Shakti Durga prepares your mind and light body with a short purification process, you are then ascend with angels into the centre of the Sun.

Once you reach the City of the Sun you are bathed in the Pool of Dispensation where any traumas or trouble of your heart and mind are released into the water. You are then dressed in a mantle of consciousness and taken to a  vast temple of incandescent white light. A great angel of the sun then heals your consciousness, removing anything that is no longer needed and upgrades your heart and crown chakras.

You are then blessed with new codes of light from the great Central Sun. You then return to the Earth realm accompanied by an angel of the sun and an Angel of Joy, where you are blessed with the mantra of the sun.

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