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Angelic Studies

Shakti Durga started working with the Archangels in the 1990’s. Over time a strong communion has been established, through which tremendous blessings have been imparted to those who gather to receive the teachings and blessings of the Divine in this unique way.

Angelic studies involves an experiential appreciation of various kinds of angelic beings. Whether it be nature sprites and devas, Archangels, Guardian Angels or any of the other Divine forms, each has its own energy and blessings to impart.

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Western Mysteries

Angels of Light, healing the body meditation

We use crystals, sacred sound, harp, crystal bowls and bells to create a vibrational state into which the Angels pour their grace.

At times the session is broadcast from or held in our Angel Portal, which was established through guidance from the Angelic beings in 2016. People who visit our Angelic temple are amazed at the intensity of the Divine energy present in the room and often have spontaneous spiritual experiences.

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