An Abundant life of Fulfilment, Achievement and Joy!

Life’s 4 Vedic Pillars

Since Ancient days, people have had all kinds of different practices and beliefs around wealth, money and abundance generally.

Some of those beliefs have been pretty grim, tied to paradigms of scarcity and philosophies of domination and submission.  These have played out in countries in all parts of the world, where tyrants and self-seeking opportunists use brute force, lying, cheating and selling their soul for wealth. Their reputations are terrible, and so is the karmic legacy they build for themselves. But there is another way. A way of grace. There is a way to engender decency, kindness, growth in self as well as growth in our portfolio of assets.

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Eastern Mysteries

We live in an age of opportunity like no other. Connected through the world wide web, we can find a pathway to wealth through channels never dreamed of by our forefathers and mothers.
The 4 Vedic Pillars of Wealth Shakti Durga 3

During this insightful and inspiring program, Shakti Durga will share with you the 4 sacred pillars of wealth creation, which align with a philosophy that could not be more different to the scarcity model. In the Way of the Four Pillars, we learn to combine our spirituality with our natural inclination to be creative, to engender wealth and forge a beautiful life of meaning and purpose.


There is nothing holding us back that is unchangeable. It is never too late to ‘imagineer’ ourselves as the person who lives a life of wholeness, balance, who is aware of personal obligations and social responsibilities, who can also be playful, mindful, inspiring and inspired.
You know that more than the physical world exists. But how often do you feel defeated by your past experiences, weighted down by them? How often do you brand yourself a failure because of them, and how often are you unwilling to risk defeat again? Here are some of the symptoms:
  • Do you ruminate about lack or past failures?
  • Do you find yourself fearful for your future, that you will not have enough?
  • Do you feel that at times you have put your spirituality before making money, to your detriment?
  • Have you missed opportunities that, looking back, would have been amazing channels for abundance in your life?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about things that bring you joy, or taking time to experience things that have no other objective other than to experience pleasure or joy?
  • Have you ever felt cheated, or lied to, or misled, in ways that caused you to retract, lose money or opportunity, or felt bitterness and resentment about it in your heart?
  • Have you felt angry about your limited options, knowing that with just a little more than you have, things would be so much different?
  • Have you become jaded about the whole subject of wealth creation and spirituality?
  • Are you frustrated in your attempts to bring a lasting vibrational change?

If you are, then you are not alone. The truth is that most people have moments where all of these issues arise. The journey from lack to an abundance to share takes time, process, trial and error. But giving up or being complacent is ill advised. Sometimes the dividend from your spiritual work is not payable in the physical dimension as quickly as the ego would like, but it will work out as a Divine plan that is better than anything you yourself envisaged

This program will help you to:

  • Do a stocktake, gently face and sacredly accept what is
  • Identify and Clear whatever blocks your peace in the now
  • Learn the secret of balancing your spiritual and wealth drives
  • Find what brings you joy
  • Bring the energy of your soul into alignment with the fulfilment of Earthly needs
  • Bring your energies and efforts into a more focussed construct
  • Activate an ancient mantra to support the wealth generation that is needed for a life of ease and grace
  • Generate opportunities, cultivate mind set and deepen your awareness of the true wealth of life
  • Work in a positive way that gets results while still ensuring that your soul’s whole of life agenda of illumination is furthered and fulfilled
  • Use the 4 pillars of Attainment confidently and consistently in your life, with a practice that once established will take you less than a minute per day to change your whole life for the better.
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