How to Awaken Divine strength, through faith and Devotion

The Hanuman Express

Have you ever desperately wanted to bring change to the world but felt disempowered, and incapable of making a difference?

Do the scale of the problems in the world overwhelm you? Do you feel powerless in the face of ignorant people doing harmful things and justifying their behaviour, oblivious to the risks of their deeds? Are you a person who wants to bring positive change, but don’t really know where to start? Would you like to experience more connection and love than you ever dreamed would be possible? Would you value being empowered to play a meaningful role in the righting of wrongdoing?

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Eastern Mysteries

Hanuman Express 2 Shakti

Hanuman is the Hindu god associated with miraculous strength attained through faith and devotion to the Divine. Like all the deities, Hanuman can be understood as a latent force within ourselves waiting to be given expression.

If you are engaged in some kind of service in the world, or if you have a family and would like to help them lift and shift, if you want to play your part in the unfolding plan of love and peace in the world in a more meaningful and empowered way, jump onboard the Hanuman express.

Have you ever explored the meaning and latent power of faith? Or Devotion? What about miracles? For people on a spiritual path these mysteries are really wonderful to explore.

Guru is a spiritual teacher who is a guide to the soul, not a servant of our ego. Having a Guru is seen to be a high form of grace in many spiritual traditions and is essential for those students of the mysteries who seek to evolve rapidly through initiation. All of the Gods, even the Great Lord Shiva who is boundless consciousness of bliss, every one has a guru. The Guru of Lord Hanuman was Lord Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Of all the 330 million Gods in the stories of Hinduism, the one who most represents strength is not a guru, he is a disciple. This is where the essence of  Divine empowerment is created. The sacred mysticism around discipleship is as old as time. However it is very misunderstood in our era.

Through charming stories arising from the Ramayana, we see the tests and trials of Lord Hanuman, who faced terrible obstacles in his life of service. Yet every time, he was able to  merge with his Guru Lord Ram and through that connection, he could call upon the vast miraculous, unstoppable power of the Divine.

Would you like to deepen the Hanuman qualities within us such as strength, devotion, love, surrender and faith within your being? It is not impossible. The age of miracles is not dead.

During this 5 session, online spiritual intensive we will be delving into our own hearts to discover our Hanuman Nature.  This intensive will include live music, meditation, stories and blessings.

Letting go of our fear of being controlled, of our egoic resistance to the spiritual art of surrender, we emerge from a small and limited world view into the grace, elegance, flow and beauty of the Divine world.

Hanuman Express Shakti Durga

Celebrating Hanuman is a 5 week Online Program with Maitreya for those who yearn to connect with the Divine and Serve.

In Celebrating Hanuman, we go deep into the how, what and why of the Guru-Disciple relationship, an ancient and timeless relationship of grace. We will explore the nature of service and devotion and how the Guru-Disciple relationship can bring us into the wisdom of our soul, thus opening us into the heart’s calling and empowering our Seva (selfless service) in the world.

Classes will include stories, teachings, meditations, activations, mantra and music.

Dive into devotion and explore the miraculous truth and heart of Hanuman.

As Krishna Says:

“ And when he sees me in all and sees all in me,

Then I never leave him and he never leaves me.

And he, who in this oneness of love

Loves me in whatever he sees,

Wherever this man may live,

In truth, he lives in me……”

– Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6

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