The Sacred Tree of Equilibrium, Harmony and Beauty

Introduction to Kabbalah

Explore the 10 Holy Sapphires on the Sacred Tree of Life and see how these are sitting in our lives.

The concept of balance will be explored through the interplay of spirit and matter, we will explore how our lives are playing out at the fulcrum of that balance.

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COST: $360 / $180

Western Mysteries

The intercession of the Archangels will be sought in accordance with the teachings given, to bring greater strength, and bring us into a more expanded awareness of the soul.

You do not need to have studied Kabbalah previously to benefit from this weekend, and the terms used will be explained. If you would like to do some pre-reading, we will send out some introductory notes in the weeks ahead.

Kabbalah Shakti Durga landscape

Inspired teacher of Kabbalah, Shakti Durga will be running an introduction to Kabbalah giving insight into how to access the marvelous system for understanding creation and our place within it. She brings her usual warmth, clarity, encyclopedic knowledge and humour as well as colour and flavor to this fascinating topic.

You will be introduced to Jehovah and His 4 worlds. We will look at the Tree of Life, Jacob’s ladder, the symbology of the Star of David, and what it means to ascend and descend the tree. The Pillars of the Tree of Life, and the Holy Sephira are also introduced. Through all this you will learn a beautiful, elegant, ancient system for self analysis, self development, and a comprehensive method of bringing the grace and beauty of the mystical approach into everyday life.

The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga 2

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