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Healing with Crystals

The Quartz Crystal Family and Healing

Energy healing is a spiritual path as well as a path to wellbeing. Wellbeing is often enhanced by the raising of individual consciousness, and this is where quartz crystals come in. Our healing work can be strengthened in all respects, our clients supported and our capacity greater if we are assisted by the pure energy of these families of crystals.

The crystalline nature of creation brings a unique constellation of awareness for us all. Our friends in the Crystalline family help us to embrace more of our true nature. Moving beyond the small and conditioned, moving beyond our fears and limitations, the crystal family are allies to humanity, helping us to open to and awaken the quantum boundless wisdom beyond time and space that is our essence and destiny. Learning to use crystals in healing will support us as healers and our clients to embrace more of our true nature.

This extravaganza of beauty and crystalline essence will take place online as a five session healing experience held over three weeks, we offer this to you as part of the Energy Healing training program for those who have already completed the Energy Healing Foundation certificate or are IYS trained.

Awakening and tuning in through the lens of the quartz crystalline families will be a chance to bring the Divine energy alive in service to our dharma, particularly as healers.

Participants are invited to bring a selection of crystals. Of particular relevance:

  • Clear Quartz
    • A clear quartz generator:  flat bottom, 6 sided point (shaped like a finger) Lemurian clear quartz is particularly good
    • a double terminator if you can get one.
    • A round piece of clear quartz such as a sphere or tumbled stone
  • Amethyst, any shape
  • Rose quartz, any shape, curved and balls or tumbled 
  • Citrine, any shape, choose lemon coloured rather than dyed orange
  • Smoky Quartz, any size or shape, tumbled stone is fine
  • A spiritual journal

Starts: Tue 6 Aug at 6pm or Thu 8 Aug at 9am (Sydney time)

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Early Bird discount available until 16 July 2024

Details: Online Certificate

Duration: 3 weeks

Prerequisite: Energy Healing Foundation or IYS Therapist

Start Date: 6 August 2024

Sessions: 5 x 3 hr sessions

Classes: Tuesdays 6pm or Thursdays 9am (Sydney)

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Bookings Close: 23 July 2024

Explore the Curriculum:

Lesson Plan

Class 1

Preparation and Choosing Crystals

Class 2

V Diagram and Clear Quartz

  • Matrices of light and possibility, practical uses of quartz crystals
  • Using a crystal for healing (you need a clear quartz generator)
Class 3

Smoky Quartz

Class 4

Uses for Citrine and Rose Quartz

  • Learn advanced energy healing techniques.

Class 5

Working with Amethyst


To obtain a certificate, students will …

  • Log 4 healing sessions for friends or family, noting in your journal.
      1. what they wanted help with.
      2. what resulted.
      3. what you experienced yourself.
  • Adopt a daily meditation practice using tools provided to embed learning and help develop one’s own connection and energy field
  • A log sheet for the healings and meditations is on your dashboard. This will be handed in as evidence of your completion of course requirements
  • Complete 3 self healings in own time, ie. one every other week using guided self healing meditation CD
  • Participate in all 5 sessions (if you can’t join live, then recorded sessions need to be watched prior to the next class.)
  • Pass a multiple choice exam arising from course content.
      1. you will have a few questions about code of ethics, and a few questions about chakras from modules 1 and 2.
      2. multiple choice questions will be gathered from each module and so it is important to attend class each and every week
  •   Complete 5 healing sessions on classmates – in class


Early Bird discount available until 16 July 2024.

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Meet Your Teacher

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Founder, World Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Author

Founder of The Shanti Group – The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga, The Consciousness Connection and The WellBeing Initiative; a registered Australian charity with the vision of helping to lift human consciousness and promoting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical flourishing.

Shakti Durga has authored 5 books and countless spiritual music and mantra CD’s and helps others to heal and become inspired. She assists them to experience non-duality, through which their lives begin to abound with miracles of grace.

Ganesha Ma

Ganesha Ma

Senior Teacher and Master Healer

Meet GaneshaMa, an experienced Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) energy healer and teacher with a profound focus on past lives and the unseen world. With a deep-rooted passion for connecting with animals and facilitating their healing journeys, GaneshaMa brings a unique blend of spiritual wisdom and hands-on experience to her practice.

As an IYS energy healer, GaneshaMa specializes in delving into past lives and exploring the unseen realms to uncover deep-seated energetic imbalances and facilitate profound healing transformations. Her intuitive abilities and compassionate approach allow her to guide clients through transformative journeys, helping them release old patterns, traumas, and blockages that hinder their spiritual growth and well-being.

With GaneshaMa as your guide, you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and profound healing. Her teachings and healing sessions empower individuals to embrace their spiritual essence, connect with the unseen realms, and cultivate a harmonious relationship with the natural world and all its inhabitants.

Join GaneshaMa on a path of enlightenment, healing, and profound connection with the unseen world and the sacred natural realm.

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Class Times:

Healing with Crystals online classes is 5 sessions over 3 weeks. Tuesday evening & Thursday morning (Sydney), plus 2 Saturdays for 3 hours. Catering for different time zones  around the world.

All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you can catch-up at your leisure.  More details will be sent to students upon sign up.

Class Times: (Click time to convert timezone)

Tuesday 6pm -9pm (SYD):  6 Aug, Sat 10 Aug, 13 Aug, Sat 17 Aug, 20 Aug

Thursday 9am – 12noon (SYD):  8 Aug, Sat 10 Aug, 15 Aug, Sat 17 Aug, 22 Aug