28 Jewels To Ignite Your Spirit (complete package)

28 Jewels To Ignite Your Spirit (complete package)

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“You give me 7 hours; I’m going to give you 28 priceless spiritual jewels.” – Shakti Durga

28 Jewels is a powerful course that can evoke positive change in your life and as you grow you will become happier, more fulfilled, more peaceful and more joyful than ever before.

The 28 Jewels has as a focus on the seven main energy centers in the body, sometimes known as wheels or chakras. For each energy center you will receive a wisdom teaching, a healing meditation, a piece of sacred music and mantra. Through regular practice you may experience miraculous changes in your energy and your life.

The jewels are like buried treasure, Shakti Durga will help you to discover the vast gifts waiting inside of you. You will also look at the dimension of your own soul; for when we connect our soul with our heart we can access a vast amount of wisdom.

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28 Jewels Contents

7 Wisdom Teachings (video - mp4): Between 30min and 45min for each chakra (video resolution 960 x 540)

7 Healing Meditations (audio - mp3): Between 12min and 20min for each chakra

7 Pieces of Sacred music (audio - mp3): A song for each chakra

7 Mantras (audio - mp3): Between 8min and 20min for each chakra

7 BONUS Meditation backing tracks (audio - mp3): Between 12min and 20min for each chakra

Download size:  3.04GB   (28 Jewels, bonus meditation backing tacks and a welcome letter)

The mp3 and mp4 files in this package are designed to be downloaded to your computer.

Also available on USB with complimentary gift box (11.5cm x 8.5cm x 2.5cm)

28 Jewels to Ignite Your Spirit, Shakti Durga






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