Body Beautiful Weight Loss Quickies 2

Body Beautiful Weight Loss Quickies 2

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What resistance do you have to losing weight? How do society’s thoughts about beauty and weight effect you?

Some of these thoughts and beliefs can be hidden deep within our subconscious and through this meditation you can bring them to the surface to be cleared and erased.  Become empowered through energetic healing practices and take control of your weight loss by reprogramming your beliefs and attitudes to body weight and self image.


Body Beautiful Weight Loss Quickies - Change the way you think about yourself and food.

Body Beautiful Weight Loss Quickies are short meditations to help gain a better understanding of the belief systems that we have adopted towards our self and food. By bringing these thoughts into our awareness we are then able to work towards replacing them with healthier more empowering thoughts and behaviors.

  1. Societal Thought Forms (17:30)
  2. Inner Child (16:40)
  3. Resistance (10:19)
  4. Lightness and Slimness (6:30)

A more detailed exploration of how our thoughts and beliefs play out in our lives can be found in the book Child of God and the Seminar Yoga of the mind.

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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