Finding Peace Guided Meditations

Finding Peace Guided Meditations

$15.00 inc GST

Lift and shift from within. Release stress, heaviness and mental confusion and move towards a sense of renewal. Shakti Durga leads you through four short meditations using guided breath and visualisation.

Connect with the breath, commune with nature, release chords of energy to heavy and stressful situations, be empowered to create peace and harmony, and use affirmations for creation of a harmonious and balanced workplace.


1:  Calming Breath (4:13)  9.8MB

2: Coherence (5.32)  13.3MB

3: Let It Go (10:29)  25.3MB

4: Reframe (6:20)  14.9MB


Shakti Durga: Vocals
Veena Vaani: Keyboard and harp

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