Guru Tradition Video

Guru Tradition Video

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What is a Guru? Why do we need them? These are very good questions that most Western society may ask. You might be surprised to learn that Gurus are found in all religions and all countries. They may look and dress differently, but essentially they are all one.

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The Guru Tradition explores the relevance of the Guru and Disciple relationship in a modern era.

Shakti Durga offers a very clear, modern and inspiring look at how Gurus are essential in helping humanity, and have been so throughout the ages.

A Guru is different from a spiritual teacher. They help people escape the confines of their mind and soar into their soul's grace, to understand who they really are, to attain their authentic realized life purpose.


  1. A personal journey of a Guru
  2. Turning life inside out - Miracles and  manifestation
  3. The Call
  4. What is a mystical path?
  5. Guru as the dispeller of ignorance
  6. Shanti Mission's mystical map of the levels of being
  7. Guru consciousness and the Divine Dimension
  8. Guru as spiritual coach to self-realisation
  9. What is a Guru's job?
  10. All Gurus are one
  11. Discipleship - why become a disciple?
  12. Why do I need a Guru?
  13. Spiritual Empowerment - a system of cogs
  14. How a Guru works
  15. How do you choose a Guru?
  16. The right conditions for spiritual growth
  17. Surrendering the Ego
  18. Divine empowerment through Devotion
  19. Leaving a spiritual school - how to
  20. Shakti, Grace and Karma
  21. Understanding Mystical knowledge
  22. Bowing to the Guru

Whether or not you have a direct relationship or experience with a Guru, the Guru Tradition will inspire and motivate you and your life journey, whatever path you may be on. Namaste.

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