Transforming Loneliness

Transforming Loneliness

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Here we are in the umteenth week of covid semi locked down life. We thought it was going to be a sprint but it’s turning into a marathon.

How do we obey the law and play our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19, while not feeling lonely and depressed?

It seems that the Divine is asking us to recalibrate and move from loneliness to solitude.  In loneliness we are by ourselves and suffering. However, we are also alone in solitude, but there is profound peace and joy. Solitude is where we feel the presence of our soul and feel connected to everything.  We don’t feel lonely when we are in solitude, even though we are alone.

In this meditation Shakti Durga takes you on a healing journey to transform loneliness into solitude.


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Shakti Durga

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