Trust – Soul Power to Discern

Trust – Soul Power to Discern

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Shakti Durga takes us on a journey to explore Trust, firstly in an enlightening discourse, then in a guided meditation. “Trust is tricky” she says, it’s not black and white. We’re required to make many complicated decisions in relation to trust. This is where cultivating the soul power of Discernment can help us cut through the veils of illusion to see the truth in the situation.

She encourages us to look at how trusting we are, how trustworthy we are, and to release any mental baggage that’s grown within us that feeds misplaced distrust. We are guided to connect with our higher soul and experience the feeling of trusting ourselves, recognising the truth within our own heart.

An additional track on this audio download is Shakti Durga’s explanation of the benefits and practice of pranayama, which helps to deeply relax and calm body and mind in preparation for this insightful meditation.

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Trust - Soul Power to Discern

  1. Pranayama (11:52)
  2. Talk on Trust (6:24)
  3. Meditation - Soul Power to Discern (21:44)

Recorded at Yoga of the Mind Satsang at Henley on 26th of March, 2017

This is a live recording and may contain sounds from the audience and surrounding environment.

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