Our Retreats Change Lives.
Retreats are opportunities to escape from day-to-day life and focus on your personal and spiritual development. They are powerful and mystical journeys into the world of the extraordinary! Our intensive spiritual escapes enable you to deeply explore and transform your true inner self. Retreats also provide our loving and compassionate teachers with the opportunity to work with students closely, guiding them through phenomenal clearing, healing and transformation. Our retreats last anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks and are held in Australia and around the world. 

Initiates Retreat – Living in the Light Spiritual Intensive     – 25 October to 1 November 2019

Join illumined Spiritual Master Shakti Durga on a journey to uncover and fan the flame within you, that the brilliance of that light shines through everything you do. The finest elements of our communal Shanti life come together to create an advanced retreat which will be powerful and profound, truly awakening participants to the light within and how to blaze in this age of darkness.

Celestial Light and Pure Grace Spiritual Intensive  – 6 March to 17 March 2020

Shakti Durga will be taking a Shanti Mission group to visit His Holiness Swami Yogiraj Amma Jyoti in the pristine Himalayan mountains. Swamiji is a disciple of the immortal saint, Babaji. We will be staying in His beautiful ashram for 12 days to fully immerse in the peace, love and inner radiance. This visit will coincide with the Hindu festival of Holi, which heralds the end of winter and the onset of spring in India. Holi means the triumph of good over evil and the conquest of spiritual values over sensual ones. This festival is big in North India, and very colourful. There will be a spectacular cultural and music program put on by the Ashram and discourses from Swamiji. It is a fun filled and joyful celebration.

Inner Light, Brilliant Life Spiritual Intensive Retreat – 17 May to 22 May 2020

Inside every one of us is a luminous spiritual field of self-discovery. Mystics of all ages have connected with that, and now in our modern times we have the capacity to do so too. In order to find that deeper wisdom and attunement, we have to disappear into the process…much like a caterpillar when it becomes a butterfly. Are you ready to give yourself the time and space to go deep and experience the light and wisdom of your truth, in a beautiful, relaxed, luscious setting with a Spiritual Master as your guide?

Join Shakti Durga for a 6 day retreat at Cypress Oaks Resort in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia.

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Upcoming Shakti Durga Retreats

Living in the Light, 25 Oct to 1 Nov, 2019

Rafferty's Resort, Lake Macquarie NSW, Australia

Shakti Durga

Inner Light, Brilliant Life, 17-22 May 2020

Cypress Lakes Resort, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Shakti Durga

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