Dimensions of Wealth

Have you ever used affirmations until you are blue in the face, yet some areas of your life stubbornly stay the same? Have you worked at the Law of Attraction but still experience the same old problems? Chances are you have done part of the work needed to change your life, but the most powerful part of your wealth anatomy, your soul, may still remain a mystery. Dimensions of Wealth demystifies and explains the spiritual laws and how to use them to gain true wealth in your life.

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Dimensions of Wealth – Learn to attract and manifest all kinds of material and financial abundance into your life!

Dimensions of Wealth takes you on a spiritual journey of discovery and shows you how to attract more wealth and opportunity. Natural manifesting is a spiritual science and art, creating powerful life change. It requires energy as well as thought, stillness as well as action, soul as well as mind. Affirmations can set the scene, but your powerful soul must be in really good shape for natural manifesting to succeed.   Anchor the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, for yourselves and for others. Discover the five Dimensions of Wealth and the 12 Mansions of the Soul. Come on an amazing journey of the spirit as the means to attract miracles is revealed.

Shakti Durga weaves together ancient teachings from East and West, creating a matrix of wisdom bound to change your life. Dimensions of Wealth will open your eyes to Divine splendour, empower you to find your passion, your power, your highest destiny, and along the way attract all kinds of material and financial abundance.

Some of the topics covered include:-

  • Spirituality and Abundance
  • The Role of Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Building a Big Beefy Base Chakra
  • Laws of the Soul

Dimensions of Wealth is also a seminar in Shanti Mission’s Path of Ease and Grace© series, taught to thousands of people internationally by Shakti Durga and her highly trained Disciples.

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