Bad Luck – A Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

by | 21 Sep, 2022

Do you play a part in your bad luck? Or is it simply happening to you?

Have you ever gone through a cycle of bad luck, where it just doesn’t seem to matter what you do, things just don’t turn out for you?  Maybe you are in a situation where you can’t find work. Perhaps you’ve been between jobs for a while and you apply for a whole bunch of jobs but you don’t get them?

How does that leave you feeling about yourself?

Chances are, you’re feeling pretty bad about yourself.

One of the things we can do when we have phases like this, is to have a look and see whether or not we’ve internalised that we’re just not worth anything, that nobody wants us. Because once that gets into your energy system, it starts to beam out that kind of picture to everybody. And it becomes self fulfilling.

One potential solution to a run of bad luck, is energy healing.

A lot of people think energy healing is only just about fixing a pain in your body or alleviating the symptom of a disease, but you can use energy healing for this kind of issue too.  Energy healing can help release negative mindsets that otherwise play out in our life again and again.

So if you’ve been experiencing a run of bad luck, go and find someone who can help you with energy healing.  Once you release all those ideas and beliefs that have started to generate inside your energy field and replace them with how much you’re loved and valued, your luck just might change. And how much you have to contribute in this world, because we all have something to contribute.

The Divine is in all of us just waiting to express itself. And so from my heart to yours, I offer you a sense of love and blessing to help you if you’re in that situation, to reach a different stage in your life where you internally know how valuable you are. And then you experience that in your world.

If you would like to book in for an energy healing or find out more about how they can help you in your life or with your run of bad luck, please reach out to us HERE.



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