Black Lives Matter

by | 12 Jun, 2020

6 Things We Can Do To Effect Positive Change

I watch the horrific images on the TV about what is going on in America with the death of George Floyd and what that has sparked. And I saw again how some members of our indigenous community here in Australia are treated.

As a spiritual person and lightworker I ask myself what can I do to effect positive change?

  • I can look deep into my unconscious and see where I am racist, adding to the storm that is going on right now. We don’t know what’s in our unconscious but if we are impacted by something, we know there is a connection within us to that thing. We create with our unconscious mind and we have all created this situation. And that part in me needs healing.

It can be confronting to think we have racism within us but we are conditioned by our culture, the media, history and our ancestors and most of that conditioning is programmed into us by the time we are 7 years old.

  • I can attempt to put myself in the shoes of someone with black skin. Visualise: what would my life be like if the tables were turned. If black people were the dominant culture and I was white. Imagining the feeling of being put second in applications for prime positions in institutions, schools and colleges. Imagining in this Covid crisis being told, as a white person in a black world, that black people get treated first in hospitals, and they get prime access to diminished supplies. That there is a constant bias against me. Feeling marginalised. Fearing what will happen if my teenage son walks down the street, will he be arrested? Will he be beaten? Or Worse?
  • I can support the protestors, sending love and energy to them, praying for their safety and holding them in my heart. I can support the people who are protesting the injustice. Lawful protest is a tool of democracy that I believe needs to be respected and used when the time is right, and this is certainly a right time.
  • I can send love and support to the police officers who are as disturbed as I am by the racist violence that has led to this situation. Those police officers need our love and support to stand up to their peers and be agents of change.
  • I can send love to the perpetrators. Not because I agree with them but because our arguments with them will be futile. They are locked into a racist paradigm of thought and can’t understand another point of view. Rational logic won’t invite them to shift their consciousness. But love can. Love can awaken people from delusion, hatred and violence. Love is a catalyst for change, love is intelligent and love is divine. Love can pierce even the hardest heart and even the most poisoned mind. With that truth in mind, I pray that love pierce their hearts and evolves the minds of racists to begin a journey of higher realisation and respect.
  • I can send love into the institutions and organisations of justice, from police, courts, prisons, to lawmakers and ask that love pierce the hearts and minds of those who have racist disposition, particularly racism against black people and people of colour.

Discrimination can affect all types of people but right now the #BlackLivesMatter movement needs our support.

If you feel it in your heart to join me in this endeavour, I have recorded a healing meditation in my Facebook group that you can utilise. Here is the link to the group and once you are in the group, click here to access the link to the meditation (7 June 2020).

I pray you are safe, through these terrible events may our world evolve to a place of greater respect, harmony, dignity, equality and safety for all.

Love and Blessings

Shakti Durga

If you are passionate about Human Rights, Shakti Durga runs a seminar, called Sacred Activism where you will learn the fundamentals of how as a lightworker you can use your spirituality to affect positive change in the world. The tools taught in this seminar can be applied to any issues you feel strongly about. 



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