Devotion: A Series of Letters to Initiates – Letter 1

by | 21 Sep, 2023

Recently we were shown in Mystery school that it would be a good idea to focus in on devotion. This series of letters is an effort to follow that Divine guidance.

Firstly, what is devotion? To me it is a field of consciousness that we create that bridges the duality of you out there and me in here, and brings us into unity. Through our devotion, we are united. Our bodies may still look separate, but our spirits are joined. Our energy fields ‘blob’ into each other, and we are aware of the beloved in a way that we may not be aware of others. We have good will for each other and a desire to understand, to grow in even greater love, and to support each other as best we can.

Devotion is hard wired into us. As parents the feeling of devotion when we meet our baby child for the first time is indescribable. Anyone who has known deep committed romantic love that stands the tests of time knows about devotion. We can be devoted to our garden, our pets, our work, a vow. It gives our life a different level of deeper meaning. And devotion to the Goddess, to the higher power, the creative impulse is awesome and sublime. Overall, devotion in any form is a superb spiritual practice.

Through devotion we can attain to the realisation of deep love. What is unique to devotion is that it is not transient. It is everlasting. It has the qualities of endurance and tenacity that one could categorise as commitment. Perhaps when it comes to devotion we humans could learn a lot from dogs. Think of the intensity of feeling that a dog displays for its human/s. Once you are their pack, they will never leave you and they love you no matter what you think, do or say.

Devotion does not die. It does not get discarded, even if a relationship changes form. It is a forever, vast and beautiful reality that can be sustaining. It does not even require that the other person love us back. I am not talking about something creepy or about stalking someone. I am talking of genuine love and affection, care for the beloved that stays with us even through the seemingly ultimate separation, death.

By coating our consciousness in love, we will experience a bliss and joy that is not like anything else. It surpasses the other experiences of life in its grandeur. It is like coming home and knowing that you need never leave. Whatever happens in the external world will not shake the inner foundation of connection, fondness and regard. This is a treasure of all treasures.

Have you yet had the blessing of devotion arise in your heart? In the following letters we will explore devotion a little more, and see what the ancient seers and rishis had to say about it. We will also look at stages of devotion and the blossoming of recognisable qualities in the devotee.



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