Evil is the good you’ve Outgrown

by | 11 Sep, 2023

A priest that I met in the 1990’s told me that ‘evil is the good you’ve outgrown’. At the time I thought he was a bit nuts. But as I reflected on it, such a wealth of understanding dawned. We are on earth to grow in wisdom. This has a transformative effect.

The result may or may not result in more facts at our disposal, but it is likely to be that we understand the same facts in a different way. What we once saw as great may now seem lacking. What was once the highest standard we could hold ourselves accountable to, shifts and changes as we evolve.

An example in the physical world might be the way in which surgery was conducted. Back a few hundred years, it was often the butcher who performed dentistry or surgery. Anaesthesia was rum or whiskey administered until the patient passed out. At the time it was the best that people knew how to do. It was the good of the time. With all that has been learned since, we look back in horror at the very thought of asking the local butcher to take out our gall bladder.  And they would be arrested and regarded as a criminal! We would even think it so bizarre as to be a joke. Now we have modern surgery, awareness of infection control, advanced anaesthetics. Evil is the good you’ve outgrown.

If we move to the dimension of the mind, we can see the same thing in the evolution of belief.  People in our culture used to believe that the only suitable future for a woman was marriage and children. Now it is widely (although not universally) accepted that women should have many more options and choices, and that they should be treated equally to men. Thinking otherwise can seem dark, even evil. The idea of oppression and ownership of women is something that we have grown out of. Go back through any of our DNA lines and you will likely find that your ancestors would have thought you evil to even suggest freedom and the right for women to work. Thus, the idea of things that are at a different level of consciousness (freedom versus oppression) are seen by both sides as being evil. This is a very big problem in our society and culture. Knowing that ‘evil is the good you’ve outgrown’ gives us a porthole through which perhaps we can look with greater compassion at the drama of life.

Our throat chakras are responsible for the evolution of every facet of life. The sanskrit name Vishuda means, ‘impurity purified’ or, the capacity to evolve and to embody evolved consciousness. That consciousness then gives rise to a different way of thinking.

Once our consciousness has moved, we have to reassess so many things. What should stay and what should go? The way we put ourselves into the world, how we choose to spend our time, the structures and forms may need to evolve as we do. Looking back, we wonder ‘what on earth was I thinking?’. We were thinking the best we could at the time and doing what any person in our shoes, at our level of awareness and vibration, would do. Now we have grown, and looking back at what we have outgrown, it looks pretty dim.

Another way of seeing this is that the multiverse is a series of flat pancake shaped realities, each of which has vibratory signatures. The ones above just look white. They don’t seem practical or real. The ones below look dark. They seem evil. The one we are on feels just right. It’s a bit like Goldilocks and the three bears.

When we grow, the vibrational level that we were on before is now beneath us. Instead of looking comfy and clear, it looks dark. Instead of looking impractical and white, the new vibration we are living at seems just right.

We have to maintain our gains, and will probably be tested by the vibrational beings who maintain the spectrum we just left. They want us back with them, as they liked our company! They will bombard us with old thoughts and fears and doubts, to see if they can entice us to drop in vibration and land back onto the old plump comfy sofa of a lower vibration where any number of people will reinforce your fears for you, and the upper vibrational world will again seem silly.

Evil is the good you’ve outgrown. The way we speak to ourselves, what we accept from others, even how we organise our work life, our website, our house… everything is susceptible to needing to be changed when we grow. Because naturally, evil is the good we’ve outgrown.



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