Family Miracle

by | 14 Mar, 2018

I am back from visiting Amma, with a whole lot more peace, love and clarity concerning the next chapter unfolding for our amazing Shanti Mission family.  Shanti Mission is dedicated to peace through expansion of consciousness.  Actually, the experience of illumination is an incremental one, whereby our awareness grows, sometimes with great leaps forward, sometimes less obviously, but in an ever-expanding way.  Excitingly, growth is endless! One of the things Amma shared with Shiva and I while with Amma was that even Mother Saraswati, who is the Divine as wisdom, is still learning.  That is why she is often depicted holding a book.


Our next Full Moon Puja is about spiritual advancement through the piercing of veils of illusion to come to greater illumination.  Falling on Easter Saturday, there will be a lot of focus right around the world on spirituality given that Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Because of the special spiritual significance of crucifixion as a sacrificing of the egoic consciousness and full surrender to the Divine, we intend to include a beautiful cross in the sponsorship bags this time. We have sourced crosses that were handmade by persecuted Christian Palestinian families living in the West Bank region of Bethlehem. Our support provides the livelihood for these families and their communities. How good is that?

These special full moon ceremonies have a definite impact on the way reality unfolds around us. Here is another story from a participant in our recent Family Puja attesting to how her sister was helped at exactly the time the puja was running.

You are invited to join with us in sponsoring the Easter Saturday puja for illumination, and play your part in lighting up the entire world.

Blessings, Shakti Durga

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Family Miracle

Testimonial from last month’s special full moon family fire puja

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the recent family puja. I wasn’t sure why I felt so keen to sponsor this. As it turns out the investment was priceless, and the best money I have maybe ever spent.

My dear Sister has been having a tough year. Her husband walked out on her and her two children, then her employer wanted to fire her as she couldn’t get to work on time due to having to take the boys to their daycare, she has been stressed, unsure where they will live and how they will survive financially, all while grieving the loss of the love of her life and best friend.

Then along came family puja. Just after arranging sponsorship, almost as soon as she began looking my Sister found a wonderful new job, with understanding and kind employers (single, divorced mothers), in a new field she is excited about, close to home and with hours that suited childcare. Then she received a brand new car.

The most miraculous blessing however happened on the morning of the family puja. Sister had an extremely rare kid & work free day. There were so many possibilities of what she could do with that day. She was due to start her new job on Monday a few days later.

Randomly she kept remembering her son’s teacher having had a melanoma cut off her leg the year before. This prompted her to ring the local skin clinic. They said someone had just cancelled and she could come straight in. Luckily she did. She said if she hadn’t, she may not have gone for another in 6 or 12 months, once she started work. She had not even noticed a spot on the back of her calf, but fortunately the Doctor did. She assumed when she hadn’t heard from the Clinic, no news was good news. Then the call came today, and she has been shocked to learn that spot is a melanoma. She is only 41. Her sons are 2 and 7 and she is their whole world now.

This process of randomly feeling compelled to get a skin check for a melanoma on her leg, and getting the skin check all happened at the exact same time as the family puja was being held. Between 9-11am on Friday March the 2nd. No one in my family knew about the puja or sponsorship, until tonight when Sister told me the story of how she came to get the skin check and the timing. Even though she is not spiritual she couldn’t deny the coincidence.

She also reported feeling a deep peace come on over the days after the 2nd of March, and cheered up remarkably by the Monday when she began work. It was as if her deep grief lifted and she was lifted out of a deep emotional and mental abyss.”

The Doctor is predicting Sister will be fine, as they caught it nice and early. She will be seeing a Specialist next for treatment. The Doctor said if you had to get a melanoma, this is the best and most treatable one to have.
The melanoma experience has given her a fresh perspective, reminded her what really matters, and motivated her to get on with living a more purposeful, joyous life.

I thank you eternally with my whole heart and soul, for these divine blessings.”



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