Feeding The Light

by | 17 Dec, 2016

It is important to give to charity and especially the source of your spiritual training, instructions and energy.

Namaste everyone,

As we look forward to the festive season and settling in with relatives and friends, I humbly ask that we all make an extra Christmas gift, a donation to the source of our spiritual sustenance, which is Shanti Mission. Even though the holidays are on, the overheads still need to be taken care of and we have a number of large expenses that just happen to all fall due around now this year.  Our community is rich in spirit and rich in love, and between us all we are more than able to meet the challenges of a modern Charity. Think what you have gained from your association with Shanti Mission: the transformations that we all go through are absolutely priceless.

While no amount of financial giving could ever match the grace of real and loving spiritual blessings, it still remains a duty of each person to give in accordance with their means to fully support the Divine work.

As you consider your year and your dharma, please consider joining our Friends of Shanti Mission program if you have not yet done so. It is open to all.  Our advanced wisdom teachings, Make a Difference, IYS therapist training, Self Realisation training and Mystery School are only open to Friends of Shanti Mission, who are our regular financial supporters. Generosity is the foundation of any legitimate spiritual work, and we encourage that in everyone. And if like me you are already a member, please look at your contribution, and see if it is in keeping with the value and benefit that you get from this most marvellous group enterprise and the continual flow of Guru’s energy in your life. When considering my own contribution, the question I ask is: does it reflect generosity?

Shanti Mission is an incredible peace project, already benefiting countless people. One day it will operate in every country. I know this is true, because Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani said that it would. Every now and then it is important for us to look at what we hold to be sacred and fully support it. The blessings we receive as people who have the opportunity to give and tithe to Shanti Mission are so amazing, and I thank God every day for the privilege of serving and working with such an inspiring group of people.

On behalf of everyone I thank you for your kindness in being a contributor to this work. Shiva and I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you will join us in expanding our financial support in all that we are creating together, a more golden age of peace on earth.


Shakti Durga

You can contribute to Shanti Mission Australia (Tax deductible receipts available)
General Donations
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Shanti Mission Harmony Centres
BSB: 062 832
Account No: 1019 2111
Description/Ref: e.g. Don JSmith

Building Account Donations (Tax deductible receipts available)
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Shanti Mission Harmony Centres
BSB: 062 832
Account No: 1019 2314
Description/Ref: e.g. Don JSmith

There are so many creative ways your can donate, see the links for Australia and the USA below, if you are outside the USA please donate to the Australian Charity

Australian Online giving
American Online giving



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