by | 25 Aug, 2023

Hanuman is a name of the Divine in the Hindu tradition that imparts the flavour of selfless service, strength and empowerment through devotion.

Hanuman is a depiction of the perfect Disciple. He helps Ram the Avatar with such brilliance, intelligence and heart. He keeps his focus upon Ram and embodies the energy of Ram through his inner connection to him. Through his complete desire to merge with Ram, the energy of the Guru, Ram becomes the energy of the disciple Hanuman. This created a huge lift and shift in the consciousness of Hanuman, who previously was more like a monkey. This means, asleep to his true nature and going through the motions of life, like most people who are unaware of the vast and majestic, truly incredible spiritual world in which they exist and which is also inside of them.

Of all the 330 million Gods in the Hindu pantheon, it is Hanuman the disciple who is most known for his miraculous achievements. He creates such a strong field of connection through his surrender and devotion that reality behaves in a different way to how he or any of us would usually experience it.

Hanuman is often depicted flying through the air, jumping the ocean with a mountain in his hand. When he was in Sri Lanka with Ram, Hanuman was asked by Ram to quickly go and find a particularly healing herb for Ram’s brother Lakshman who was unwell. It grew only in the Himalayas on top of a mountain. This means, the cure was only available at a higher level of consciousness (up a mountain). Hanuman flew to the Himalayas, (raised his consciousness) and not knowing which was the correct herb, he picked up the entire mountain and flew it south to where Ram and Lakshman were anxiously awaiting his return.

Whenever implausible things happen in scriptures, we know that they are pointing to non-physical mysteries. The power of the divine operating through committed disciples to bring forward miracles of grace in the world is the message that the scripture brings. Hanuman represents our own journey on the path of self-realisation. We are taught to merge with our Guru. A field of continual energy comes from the Guru and if we are attuned and sensitive, we can feel and benefit from it.

At first, we are unaware of the Divine power that resides within, until we are inspired by love and devotion to a cause greater than ourselves. Through merging with the divine flow through the Guru we are placed into a field of consciousness that is highly suited to making advances in consciousness. We are reminded of who we really are and in this way we progress. When we are in the field of devotional grace, we are empowered to bring miracles of grace through into this world to alleviate suffering, leading us into a world that is different from what we have previously known.



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