Heal Your Family

by | 29 Mar, 2013

Learn the benefits of learning energy healing and the ability to heal your family when they are ill.

Namaste, well what a week it has been. Dad was taken to hospital on Monday with a whole range of debilitating symptoms. Mum, my brother Brighu and I had a couple of tense days waiting to see what it was, and hoping he would pull through. It turned out to be viral meningitis, which is pretty nasty, particularly in the elderly and the very young.

My parents have been blessed with robust constitutions and on the whole, pretty good health. Having one of them so ill has not happened before, and it was interesting the new experiences and insights that it has provided.

The first and obvious thing is how our busy and purposeful lives can be so easily disrupted and how unimportant many things seem in the face of a life and death situation. A crisis can be a time of renewal, love and support through which we all get closer and feel even more deeply how important we are to each other.

The second thing for me was the kindness and helpfulness of the staff at John Hunter Hospital, who have been looking after Dad very well, particularly when he was at his most vulnerable.

The next thing that has really impacted on me is how blessed I feel knowing how to give healing to someone who is ill.

One can feel quite powerless when faced with a sick loved one. Being able to give a healing, sweep out infection, replenish spent energy, raise or lower blood pressure, strengthen weak muscles, clean side effects out of drugs, resurrect collapsed chakras and encourage tired organs to replenish the body, truly is amazing.

Master Choa Kok Sui, my first Guru, had a vision that every family would have an energetic healer who could perform the daily healings needed by people who are facing severe illness. That might seem far out, but so did Bill Gates’ vision that every home would have a personal computer. That seemed like science fiction not so long ago and look at us now: there is a computer (smartphone) in nearly every handbag as well as a computer in most homes, just as he envisaged. I too have a vision that every home, as well as every medical team, will be supported by energetic medicine as part of an integrated health system.

You may not want to be a healer. But learning IYS therapy, Pranic Healing, reflexology, touch for health or reiki is utterly empowering, not only for those who receive the treatment but for those who give it as well. Everyone has friends and relatives, and what a priceless gift to be able to give them real, life changing, practical support in their times of need.

And, by the way, Dad is recovering. Om Parameshwari!



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