Building a Spiritual Path: a Lesson in Interconnectedness

by | 10 Aug, 2022

The path of independence vs interconnectedness.

Anything we try and do in our lives is going to have stages and phases involved. Think about building a house for example. You’ve got to start with digging. You’ve actually got to have someone that’s going to dig out foundations and then you have to build the foundations. You’re going to have to source the materials, then you have to put the structure up and then you have to tie it all together.

You’ve got to find the windows. You’ve got to fill out your interior and think about design for the interior. What’s it going to look like with soft furnishings? What’s your bathroom going to look like? There’s a million decisions out there to be made in a project of building a house.

Well, the project of self-realisation is no less a project than building a house, but it’s probably more complicated. At different stages on the spiritual path, there will be different considerations, different building blocks and different skills required.

And so on the spiritual path, just like building a house, we all need each other to help with those different parts of the puzzle. Some people are experts in a particular area – some are great with the digging, not so great with the bathroom. Other people are great at putting the roof on but they’re not so good at windows or the painting.

The world is full of people who can assist us and support us. It might be against the current fashion to think that we might need help from anybody, but I think that we do. And I think that interconnectedness, rather than independence, should be our goal; that we be interconnected with each other and that we understand that together we reach an enlightened state. And we do this not just for ourselves, but for our whole culture and community as well.

The benefit won’t just be for us, it will be for everybody. And so let’s look and see around us who’s got the right skills at the right time, who are we attracted to in terms of people who can help us to build this ultimate structure of life.

When you look back at your life at the end and say ‘well, what did I build?’. That’s what we’re talking about.

Good luck with your building.

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