Is it a Tool or a Path?

by | 23 Apr, 2013

I have been thinking about when a spiritual practice is a tool which helps us with some aspect of daily living, and when it is a pathway that will help gain us enlightenment.

When I began my spiritual journey it was all about making the pain stop. The pain was around divorce, stress, feeling lost on the inside, even though I had a lot of good stuff going on in my worldly environment. Learning to meditate, learning about the nature of the mind, thoughts and thought forms, the effect of beliefs, affirmations, and the wonderful world of spiritual energy or shakti at that time was like an answer to an unspoken prayer for a way forward. I started to find peace. I started to find myself, something that previously I had not actually known that I had lost!

I never thought all that would lead me to unspeakably beautiful Divine experiences, what would be called Samadhi or bliss consciousness, intuitive awareness, discipleship with a few truly great souls, initiations and becoming a Guru. I didn’t really understand what a spiritual path was, and would not have been interested if you had told me.

So much has changed! Now I know who I am. I feel amazing, and in normal day to day situations just tuning in I am aware of bliss. I have learned a lot about how to deal with the issues, obstacles and problems that crop up in life in a way that creates peace and progress.

That which began as a series of tools to make the pain go away, has ‘morphed’ into a spiritual path that is helping not just me, but lots of people to evolve spiritually. Instead of being about the avoidance of discomfort, the pull for me is to learn how to ‘dissolve’ into the Divine, in a way that makes the bliss become ecstasy. I still practice the spiritual tools upon which I ‘cut my teeth’, but now things like chanting, mantras, blessings, being in the flow of the Divine current which pours out of me as sound, bestowing initiations which ignite the spirit of the recipient; this is how I can serve and continue my own growth at the same time.

For anyone who has been given a lot, there is an obligation to pass it on. Life becomes about sharing what we have learned through direct personal experience, in the hope that it will lift another human being and inspire hope, peace, and a new way forward, particularly during tough times.

I think that helping to cultivate a widespread evolution of consciousness will open the door to cultural inspiration through which many of the pressing social issues we face will be solved in creative and inspired ways. A new and higher spiritual vibration will lead to new and higher inventions, not just through logical progression but also through intuitive leaps; true leaps forward for humanity. We can institutionalize methodologies that are more compassionate and effective, whether it be in the treatment of patients in hospitals or in the education of children in schools.

Spirituality is real, practical and useful as well as sublime, uplifting and inspiring. Learn some tools, and knit your own spiritual path, or find one that resonates with you and dive in.

Om Shanti (May the Divine create peace within and through you)

Shakti Durga


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