Letter from London

by | 8 Feb, 2017

I have been here having a great time with Gayatri; it’s so nice to be together instead of on Skype. William is also with us, and we enjoyed a 5 day holiday together in Lisbon where Will and I got over jetlag, and we hung out as a family. Then we were off to London and an intense week of lots of programs, healings, satsangs, puja and retreat.

What a joy it has been to meet Gayatri’s lovely Shanti Mission UK community. They are so committed, devoted and have great curiosity and shine.  Great care, hospitality and support has been shown not only to Gayatri but also to me while we have been in London. We had a beautiful night at a café owned by one of the core team where we had a Lakshmi fire puja. Wow, did Lakshmi bless that business and us all! Another night we had a Mantra Durga session where we all received Divine darshan.

We also ran some events at the University of East London, where Gayati is a Masters Degree student. Music was provided by Eirinn, sister of Laxmi Green, whose lovely voice and guitar was much appreciated. Also, Gayatri brought along her friend Tom, a guitar player who is an accomplished musician who has learned much of her music, as well as a number of Shanti Mission chants. We really enjoyed that as well.

We had about 30 people from the university drop in between classes for two healing clinics. They loved it and could instantly feel the relief and relaxation of a quick 5 or 10 minute sweep. This was very amazing for Gayatri, to have these two groups of people whom she loves so much coming together. Now they have all met and there were many smiling faces. Gayatri told me that she feels like she has come out in all parts of her life as to who she really is, and she feels freer than ever before to just be herself and to serve.

It was amusing during the retreat that Gayatri would pop in and out between lectures, one minute being Gayatri embodying Lakshmi, then putting on her back pack, waving and disappearing into a nearby lecture theatre. Ah the life of a modern Guru!

Our retreat was beautiful, with people from London and also Scotland, Germany, Austria and France attending. Everything is so geographically close here, one forgets that these places are no further away than Melbourne is to Sydney.

During the retreat, 5 people took first initiation and Shivoham, Sri Lakshmi, Vasu Devi, Rasia Shakti and Guru Devi became disciples in a very moving Durga fest.

Today is a rest day, and we will probably go and visit Big Ben and Westminster, give it a quick blessing before nipping off to Rabot1745, an unlikely sounding name for a restaurant that is a branch of Hotel Chocolat – which sounds promising don’t you think? Apparently we are having white chocolate mashed potato….

Loads of love to you all. Tomorrow I fly to New York to visit our community in Connecticut, and will keep you posted.

Om Shanti

Shakti Durga



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