Music Makes Our Hearts Sing

by | 29 Nov, 2016

I have had the most beautiful week, spending time on retreat with Shanti Mission disciples. It is such a privilege to be sharing life’s journey with such amazing people. And we were able to use technology to share the retreat with around 20 overseas and interstate disciples who loved being able to tune in each day.

We had a joyous time singing and receiving activations through the music. Surya Rose had a Nada Shakti initiation, which was to open the nadis to transmit more of the Divine energy of Saraswati when she is singing. Initiations are always a new beginning and we congratulate her on this milestone. Within 24 hours she was recording backing vocals on my new CD, a joyful offering to the Divine Mother with a working title of Oh My Goddess!

We have felt the Divine flow as the CD is being made, with our producer Vishaka Venkateshwara experiencing an amazing degree of flow. Our record was writing and recording three new mantric chants in one day. While they still need a polish up, it can take days or weeks to do just one song normally. The Devi was definitely in the house.

Singing to the Divine puts me into bliss. It is the best. As I dream into being and anchor my own Heaven on Earth, it is going to be even more musical, with more fire pujas, torrents of love and joyfulness, and awesome company on the journey.

Thank you to everyone who made my week so special, and who shared in the sounds of Heaven.

Blessings, Shakti Durga


Shakti Durga, Saraswati Blessings

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