Orbs of Consciousness – Blindfolds of the Soul

by | 12 Sep, 2022

What’s happening in your consciousness today? What is flooding through your mind? And what is the lens through which you’re looking at your world?

All of us, because we’re human, we all look at the world through orbs of consciousness. And they’re all slightly different, with different things imprinted into those orbs over the experiences of our lives and it’s got mixed up with emotions and situations and people and circumstances and memories, all of which is partially what’s going on around you.

We know from science that our conscious mind is only really aware of a very small part of the stimulus going on around us, they say around 5%. So we’re very subjective in what we take in.

These orbs of consciousness sit in our energy field and then they behave like blindfolds over the eyes of the soul. And that incredible creative divine fire that lives inside of us has a difficult time coming through to manifest the types of things we’d like to experience in our life. Because we have these orbs waving through and across our ego, which dial us down.

Thank God, I say, for energy healing, because it’s one of the ways that we can deal with those orbs of consciousness and we can diminish their hold over us. And we can then reassess our consciousness.

I had a lady who came in for a session, who was overworked and burnt out with two small children. And she said ‘Well I can’t change from being a full time working parent because I won’t earn enough money’.

I said, ‘Well, you know, that’s a belief. What we need to do is create a different belief that you can work part time earning the same amount of money and have more time with your children.’

So we worked over a series of sessions, I think she had four sessions, and we worked on a belief that she could earn as much money or more working half the hours. And you know what, she ended up getting that job. Had she not had those healings she never would have got the job, because her belief in how stuck she was, was controlling her.

This is just an example of how we deal with those orbs of consciousness and how when we release them with competent energy healing, our whole world can change.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back from living your best life?  If you want to delve deeper into your limiting beliefs and book a healing session to remove them from your energy field, please reach out to our talented energy healers HERE.



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