Podcast: Black Lives Matter – Healing human consciousness and supporting protestors meditation

by | 21 Jun, 2020

Clearing for uplifting and transforming consciousness around racial prejudice

What a crazy world we’re living in at the moment! We’ve all been watching the TV and have seen all the really scary images of what’s going on in America and the terrible tragic death of that poor man, and all the righteous anger that it has sparked.

Shakti Durga leads a guided meditation and clearing for uplifting and transforming consciousness around racial prejudice. It includes a mantra segment, shared with the permission of the Spiritual Master, Sri Sakthi Amma, tthe hat invokes a powerful energy of transformation and change.

You can listen to the original recording on Soundcloud – New Maha Kali Mantra feels really heavy to think that people can be treated so differently because of the color of their skin.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #61 Shakti Durga does some cleansing, purification, and prayer around the situation we’re all aware of, to heal human consciousness and support the protestors everywhere.

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