Podcast: Guardian Angels and Moksha – Discussion

by | 19 Oct, 2022

Discussion of the teaching given by Mother Artha on 19 March 2021.

In this episode Shakti Durga adds her insight to the teaching given by Mother Artha the week before. Shakti Durga talks about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the evolution of the angel Metatron. The discussion is delivered at a more grounded vibration and forms an important bridge for listeners to fully engage with the teachings.



Explanatory notes. 

The Strength of the Soul Cards – Shakti Durga’s guidance cards to attune you to the amazing power of your soul, available HERE

Metatron – an angelic being who was once the human spiritual teacher Enoch.


Listen to the Teaching – https://shaktidurga.com/podcast-guardian-angels-and-moksha/




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