Podcast: Humility

by | 17 Mar, 2021

How we can cultivate Humility

The third hallmark of spiritual self-mastery is humility – the cornerstone of the fundamentals of spiritual mastery. Humility means being able to be humble, modest, and unassuming. This does not mean hiding from the world or hiding your brilliance in any way. But it does mean that we integrate and support simplicity and grace in our thoughts, speech, and action, and that we avoid things like boastfulness.

In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #170 Shakti Durga talks about the ways in which we can achieve humility and how we can cultivate it, and the utmost importance of this third hallmark. She discusses the four identifiable standpoints that are taken in our relationship with others, that can shed light on our potential for humility, and she also dives deep into the concept of equality and how that plays into us as spiritual beings.

Tune in, to learn the clues that the Universe is gently leaving for us, that opens up our possibility to work on humility, and the seven pitfalls we might risk when we’re trying to achieve the third hallmark of spiritual self-mastery.

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