Podcast: If God exists, why do bad things happen?

by | 30 Jun, 2020

Just by glancing at the world right now, you could tell that people are going through different kinds of sufferings.

Even before the pandemic, we all know that there still were individuals experiencing pain, fear, and all the negative spectrum of life – and we can easily go all the way back in history to come up with examples of negative situations. The same is true for the future – there will always be situations where people will suffer.

One might wonder, if God exists, why do bad things happen?

Today, Shakti Durga answers that question, explaining how we’re experiencing duality as opposed to unity or wholeness and the Divine reason why we’ve been given the two sides of the coin – good and bad – instead of just one.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #65 learn the two realms that we’re operating in and the two generative powers that exist in this world of duality – love and fear.

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If you would like to learn more about weaving the light and dark of duality in unity, check out Shakti Durga’s seminars Life Beyond Form and Tantra.



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