Podcast: Power Games

by | 20 Oct, 2020

 How we can learn to make our voice heard and understood!

How many times have you tried to help someone out of your own fear? Your fear that they may get hurt, your fear that they might do something wrong? Even though your motives are good, the person who’s being helped can feel inferior, talked-down to, and can react in a different way than you might expect. Anger would be one of those reactions. And we all know what anger can lead up to!

There’s an art to relationships, particularly when you care deeply about somebody. You have to try and stay out of the fear and allow love to be the guiding principle of, what could I do to help this person that they can’t do for themselves, but without interfering with what they can do for themselves?



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #113 Shakti Durga offers some insights into the power games that are played into relationships of any kind, she explains why we might have differences of opinions and gives advice on how we can make our voice heard and understood.

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