Podcast: Sacred Mountains

by | 27 Dec, 2023

Goddess Artha gave this teaching on 14 October 2022.

She teaches about the spirituality and grounding nature of mountains; the importance of being grounded on a spiritual path; and the importance of befriending our emotions, especially the ones we think are ‘bad.’ She also teaches how to manage emotions; the evolution of plant and animal souls; and the effect of human consciousness on the environment.

Explanatory Notes:

This episode was recorded in the Rocky Mountains in Canada with some additional people who are not normally in this class.

A cosmic day is a huge arc of millions of years which in another dimension would seem like only a day passing.

The hour of dissolution, cosmologically, there is a cycle of creation and dissolution of the universe. The hour of dissolution refers to the way distant reality of the involution of the Universe, back into the nothingness from which it sprang.

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