Podcast: The Alchemical Stages of Transformation

by | 15 Feb, 2021

The Cracking of the Egg

Almost everyone, at some stage in their life, is going through an experience that is described in ancient alchemy language as the cracking of the egg. The egg represents the field of consciousness that we live within thinking this is how life is. And then, something happens – often not a very comfortable thing – and we go from being inside this cocoon to breaking free, and realizing that there’s a huge world out there beyond anything we’ve ever understood.

In this episode of Soul Talk

In episode #157 Shakti Durga gives insights into the stages of the alchemical transformation – the science of enlightenment known about by the ancient Egyptians. She describes the process of spiritual alchemy and the effect on our field of consciousness in the transmutation process, the cycle of the fire of change to ground a new reality for ourselves.

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