Podcast: The Higher Realms

by | 18 Oct, 2023

Goddess Artha gave this teaching on 10 December 2021, about the importance of joy, the higher realms of consciousness that humans can visit if they do certain regular spiritual practices.

The journey to Divinity of Lord Jesus. What to do when you believe you are not wanted or are alone.

This episode includes a blessing from Goddess Durga for strength to hold the vision of the potential of any polarity. And a blessing from the 4 Archangels.

Explanatory Notes:

This episode starts with an invocation to the 4 Archangels.

Bariatric Realm is the soul realm in the Kabalistic Mystic Tradition.

Atziluth Realm is the Divine void in the Kabalistic Mystic Tradition.

There is a 3 minute silent meditation as you absorb the blessing from Goddess Durga and the Archangels.

Listen to the discussion HERE



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