Podcast: The many Spiritual Traditions have a lot to offer us when we are challenged

by | 7 Jul, 2020

 We’ve all experienced the feeling of disappointment at some point in our lives – and it’s quite a painful one.

It hurts a bit when we imagine a situation going one way and the reality strikes and completely shifts the direction of the events.

When all the problems happen in our life, when people do stuff we didn’t expect, or when things turn out in a way we don’t like, our energetic system changes. By learning about our energy and what’s happening with it, we have a superpower tool to be able to relate to the rest of the universe and be able to deal with what’s happening when things don’t go according to our plans.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #68 Shakti Durga takes us into the amazing chakra journey and teaches us to recognize the power inside of us to look at what causes discomfort, bring it to our hearts, and find the place where we can be in a state of love and appreciation. Tune into Soul Talk, to learn some tools and techniques used in several spiritual traditions that can support us through challenging times.

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