Podcast: The Sacred Cauldrons

by | 18 May, 2023

Mother Artha gave this teaching on 16 July 2021

Mother Artha talks about transpersonal service, different elements of different people and their dharma and the importance of creating a sacred space. Mother Artha also explains the 3 sacred caldrons within our energy body.



Explanatory notes:

Parameshwari – The Goddess as the Holy Spirit that animates all life.

Lift – A healing modality arising through Shakti Durga’s consciousness which brings relief to the body, mind and spirit.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy – A Neo Shamanic energy healing modality developed by Shakti Durga and practised by hundreds of therapists around the world.

Hidraya – The golden womb of creation held within the being of every soul.

Listen to the Discussion – https://shaktidurga.com/podcast-the-sacred-cauldrons-discussion/




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