Podcast: Working with a Spiritual Master

by | 20 Sep, 2020

Moving from duality to unity

A spiritual master is someone who absolutely knows from the core of their being that life does not exist in duality, and within their consciousness, there is a complete sensed experience of the unity of all creation.

Their destiny is to guide other people into that experience of oneness and into whatever their highest destiny might be – and they’ll work on finding the proper ways to take the ancient wisdom and teachings and make them significant for the age we’re living in.

The spiritual masters will be different, depending upon what culture you live in, what country, and what time in history and they will have different specialties, but they will all be coming from this place of unity. If we’re lucky enough to live in a time and space where we have access to such people, that is the most incredible good karma.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #100 Shakti Durga makes reference to the V Diagram – her model for explaining multi-dimensional reality. She explains the different parts of moving from duality to unity, and how a spiritual master can help us understand ourselves very deeply and open our consciousness to that which is beyond duality. So, tune in, and find out more!

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