Seed of the Divine – Dr Chander Kanta Gariyali

Seed of the Divine – Dr Chander Kanta Gariyali

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Dr Chander Kanta Gariyali, a retired Civil Servant of Tamil Nadu Government, was born in 1948 into a highly spiritual Kashmiri Pundit family. She first met Sri Narayani Amma in 1996. Since then she has enjoyed enormous blessings and immense affection of Amma. One of the oldest devotees of Sripuram, she has seen it growing out of a humble thatched shrine and an ‘anthill’ into the magnificent Golden Temple that it is today. In 2014, due to the grace of Sri Narayani Amma, Dr. Gariyali came in contact with Shakti Durga, a disciple of Amma, engaged in spiritual work in Cooranbong near Newcastle in Australia. From the very first meeting Dr Gariyali was fascinated by the personality of Shakti Durga.

It was most baffling to her that a Western woman, a leading barrister, from a staunch Catholic background, with modern university education, should get transformed into an Indian style Guru. In order to understand her she attended many retreats with Shakti Durga. While attending the Diwali Retreat at Cooranbong Ashram in 2016, Dr Gariyali was divinely inspired to write about Shakti Durga.  This  work records the spiritual journey of  an extraordinary woman from being Kim Fraser to Shakti Durga.

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