Safety on the Inner Plane : Kundalini Awakening

by | 27 Jun, 2022

Due to the changing Astral tides and the overall growth in human consciousness in the past 30 years, more people are experiencing spontaneous spiritual or kundalini awakening. While spiritual awakening is profound, sudden changes in perception can be extremely challenging without guidance and discernment. Even at the best of times, the deep spiritual journey can be an arduous climb, and with spontaneous awakening there are some predictable issues that arise, causing bouncy  road bumps on the path if we don’t have some grounded practical guidance.  The right spiritual tools and teachings lead to more ease and grace on one’s journey.

Following such awakenings, at times people can become aware of non-physical beings. Without any support this can be overwhelming. Some even fear they are losing their mind.

People are interacting with all kinds of life in the Astral realm of the mind, every day. Ignorance is not always bliss. Not everything is of the light. We live in a universe of polarity, and one may encounter a wide variety of influences in daily life, and in spiritual awakenings.

There are some safety protocols for dealing with duality on the inner plane that offer an opportunity to work from a more protected and stable space.





The first task is always becoming aware of any presence or of the forces that we are dealing with. Then, we need to ask ourselves, do they seem loving? Are they interested in my wellbeing? If they are urging you to harm yourself or others, no matter what kind of justification is used, they are not of the light and not loving. They are not interested in your highest good. They just mess with and manipulation the unwary. Sometimes these misguided ones convince a spiritual aspirant that without teaming up with the spiritual entity, their inner plane progress and their spiritual gifts and talents will cease, and they will go backwards on the path. No loving being would ever make such a statement or encourage our dependency.


Sometimes the interactions are beautiful, but at other times they are deeply uncomfortable and best let go. Depending upon one’s karma, this might be done very quickly, sometimes in a few minutes, or at other times we may have to be more persistent, patiently learning more about ourselves and the world, experiencing transformation after transformation, until we are blazing with love and we finally know that they are gone. When encountering beings on the inner plane, one should expressly ask them: do you love me? Do you love me unconditionally? Are you focussed upon what is for my highest good?  A feeling of flow, heart coherence, love or bliss or a rush of blissful energy would indicate that you are in good company. If there is stony silence, or a feeling of dread, prickling, coldness or negative emotion, it is best to disengage.

One of the objectives of our upcoming online course Life Beyond Form is to provide a context and metaphysical framework to those who may have experienced spontaneous spiritual or kundalini awakening.  We will also share a practical model and tools to assist you to work safely on the inner plane. The tools and specific meditations will help you to cultivate a better understanding of what is ok and what might require some assistance to rectify. These are priceless insights that can mean the difference between years of struggle, and an awakening that is extraordinary and yet able to be grounded in a positive and healthy way.

You can join us for Life Beyond Form here and learn how to upgrade your safety on the inner plane. Starting 23rd July, 2022.



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