Spirituality In India

by | 11 Jul, 2014

India is a land in which I feel almost as at home as I do in my native Australia.

I am sure my soul has incarnated again and again in India, for which I am immensely grateful.

One of the great joys for me in travelling to India is that in this Holy land the nature and role of Guru is widely understood. People are not scared of words like ‘chakra’ and already know that consciousness and energy weave together in myriad creative ways to coalesce as our lives. Blessings, shaktipat and kundalini activation are appreciated widely, and these things form part of the culture.

While the wealth of scripture and knowledge about spirituality in India is mind blowing, I sometimes find it interesting that work on the chakras seems to be mainly limited to yoga asana. While I am a fan of yoga, there are so many other ways to quickly, safely and effectively heal and activate our chakras so as to give us more energy, vitality, balance, happiness and a real inner glow. The methods we use in Ignite Your Spirit are so simple, and often induce mild bliss right from the beginning. No matter what your path, everyone can benefit from more fresh energy and less debris in the energy field.

Turning spiritual theory into modernised practice is something I just love. In every generation I think it is our duty to take the ancient wisdom and, through intuition and experience, find methods to use it that suit the culture and needs of the time. Expressing this in a respectful, loving and nourishing way makes my heart sing and has introduced me to thousands of wonderful people who share a yearning for Divine oneness.

I am so looking forward to sharing a raft of ancient secrets with sincere spiritual seekers, sharing sacred music and a rich heart connection with those in India who can come to our seminars and satsangs in the future, and to continue to share these gifts in Australia.

The gurus, rishis, sages and saints of India have given me so much. I look forward to having the opportunity to give back in some small measure.

Blessings and much love,

Shakti Durga

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