Podcast: The Archangels

by | 4 Oct, 2023

Goddess Artha gave this teaching on 3 December 2021, about ease and grace on the spiritual path. The importance of holding a vision for your future.

The power of the Archangels, their interaction with humans and the qualities of each of the Archangels. The Lords of Karma and how they help humanity.

This episode includes a blessing from one of the Archangels.

Explanatory notes:

The Pillars are 8 kinds of spiritual practice recommended by Shakti Durga as a foundation for balanced spiritual growth. These are: Devotion, Purification, Meditation, taking 100% responsibility in your life, cultivating virtues, creating grace through giving, forgiving and serving, Study and respecting the faith of others.

The Spiritual Laws are part of the foundation of the universe. They include such things as the law of vibration, compassion, and others that are dealt with in Shakti Durga’s book Spiritual Mastery, available here https://shaktidurga.com/product/spiritual-mastery/

And the seminar the Laws of Life, www.theconsciousnessconnection.org

The Temple that Goddess Artha refers to is the Archangelic Temple at our Harmony Centre at 213 Martinsville Road. Cooranbong.

Shakti Durga’s Archangelic Meditation can be purchased here  https://shaktidurga.com/product/archangelic-meditation/.

To listen to the discussion of this teaching click here



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