Time to Love

by | 2 Nov, 2016

Making Time for Love is the theme of our year. How can you make more time for love?

Namaste everyone,

What a wonderful Mission Day we had here in Cooranbong last Friday. The ashram was decorated beautifully, there was such a feeling of joy and enthusiasm. The energy was high, and we all experienced multiple blessings throughout the day. Peace Angels performed, they were spectacular, with their opening performance involving an angel riding an actual real golden horse!

Each year on Mission Day, the Divine provides a theme for the coming year. Last year was the year of taking the Next Step, which many of us did in our own ways. I feel that Shanti Mission as a collective has taken many next steps, with people in all different roles and parts of the mission moving forward, discovering and implementing more grace in their lives.

The theme for the coming year is: Making Time for Love. As the discourse was progressing, the context was about how we all get so busy, that at times it seems like the worldly things have to take priority over the ‘soft’ things, like making sure we are communicating respectfully instead of barking out a quick demand that something be done or not done. Our spiritual practices can slide as we feel that we don’t have time, we will do it later, and our priorities naturally drift towards the myriad ‘tangible’ things that our day requires.

Another part of the discourse taught that following the path of light and implementing more love takes just a little bit more time than the darker and more controlling kind of habits that can be quite unconscious. Taking time to explain things, doing so with good attitude, catching any knee jerk reactions that are based in frustration, impatience or anger, and converting them into a more light filled, considered and compassionate way of communicating, all takes just a little bit of time.

In a year of making time for more love, one of the ways we are probably going to get there is to focus a little more on being patient, and lifting our communication skills.

We can experience love with our partner and family, friends and community, pets and even while enjoying cherished hobbies or projects or beholding nature. In my belief system, the Divine is of itself love, infused with wisdom, compassion and grace.

The road to love gets wider when we open our hearts to a deeper relationship with the Divine. When we take the time to love the Divine, everything becomes sweeter, as the spiritual fragrance issuing forth from within our own being grows stronger. Regular devotional spiritual practices are a fast way to cultivate more love, as they attune us to the ultimate source of love and bliss. To this end we will be running almost daily devotional fire pujas in the evenings at the ashram, giving us the opportunity to come together at the end of the day to celebrate and cultivate more love.

How can you make more time for love in your own circumstances? Are you willing to commit to this, and will you follow through? Making more time for love has no real downside, except that your mind will delude you that it is not possible for a whole raft of reasons. But when you decide to love more and you let yourself, the giving of love is its own reward and there is nothing like it.


Shakti Durga


If you find it hard to find time for love Shakti Durga has recorded a healing meditation on this topic, you can find it here.



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