Life is a University for the Soul

by | 29 Nov, 2022

Do you see every situation as an opportunity to learn and to evolve?  Even the challenging moments? 

Life is a university for the soul and an opportunity to overcome the limitations and seeming obstacles inherent in the structure and form of our egoic nature. In the vastness of the scheme of the heavens, these limitations and challenges are only there to help us to evolve and grow; to bring forth the latent spiritual muscle and strength that is in us all.

That strength involves the capacity to hold the virtues, which before our lives on earth, were only ideas in the mind of the Divine. They were soul concepts, not embodied soul strengths.

Our souls crave the strength of virtue realised. And so we are led on adventures of the spirit, mind body and soul, into fields of experience through which our evolution brings forth the shining essence and light of the many virtues, which are indeed the strength of the soul.

These virtues are known to all of us, and aspired to by people on spiritual paths world wide. Generosity, discernment, forgiveness, tolerance, the list goes on.

When faced with a difficult situation, consider which virtue may be calling to you to practice its sacred arts, so that regardless of the outcome of the situation, you experience an inner evolution.

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